Episode 13: Love Me or Leave Me - Review (SPOILERS!)

After 90210's mid-season break, I expected it to come back with a bang. To say the least I was slightly disappointed with episode 12. It felt a bit rushed, as if all the loose ends had to be tied. However, after watching episode 13, I'm happy to say that 90210 is back on track. It had the right amount of PDA, awkward moments and drama.

The episode starts off with love hungry Annie who's on the phone with boyfriend Ethan: a little reminiscent of American Pie's phone sex scene but nonetheless entertaining. It is clear from the very start that they are both obsessed with one another: something Silver is not too keen about. Her hilarious rant at the beginning of the episode makes it very clear she is not into the whole lovey-dovey crap although it seems Dixon may be.

Annie’s frustration at home causes her to go to Palm Springs with Ethan while making it clear she is ready be with Ethan intimately or as she puts it: she is ready to go to Palm Springs. Interchanging having sex with Palm Springs made the episode amazingly witty and cute. However, as they are about to go to Palm Springs, Annie emphasizes the fact that it will be one of the most important nights of her lifewhich totally freaks out Ethan and ends their trip. I would have liked to see a good intense hook-up scene, Chuck-Blair-Gossip Girl style, in this episode or at least in a coming one. I guess Annie and Ethan catching her parents post-sex was good enough...

As the Annie-Ethan drama unfolds and then quickly resolves itself, Silver and Dixon go through a rough patch as she doesn't say I love you back to him. Their tension makes their conversations awkward and completely forced. I wonder if they will stay together?

Although Silver and Dixon's future is still unsure, Adrianna looses her adorable boyfriend Navid, her reputation for being clean and at one point even Naomi. Her situation opens up a variety of possibilities for the show: will she and Navid get back together? Will she have or loose the baby? (Although I am kind of not interested in the whole teenage-mom plot as been done before time and time again!) Will the father resurface from his current M.I.A. status?

Only time can tell and I am so completely ready to stay tuned.

Let me know what you guys think...


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