Why the avatar series should continue.

Avatar needs to continue becaues it fans are out there just waiting on something about the ending of sozin's comet, plus we want to see the air nation rebuilt and zuko finally finding his mom and i think another 3 chapters of avatar should do it


Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2008 3:54PM EDT

Emm.. well personally I think if the creator of Avatar wanted to continue the series it can be easily done.. there are many things still hanging with the last chapter.. though it would seems that everything is A ok in the end... the defeated Fire lord and her evil princess are alive and as such there should be still many loyal supporters.. A century old war cannot just end with one battle.. though good always prevail, evil cannot be easily wiped out entirely... it would upset the balance...

Oct 6, 2008 7:13PM EDT

I think ending the series is a halmark to other series. there is nothing wrong in telling a story and ending at the end. you do not have to keep going and going and going. that can kill the story just as surely as if you had stopped half way through. I think that if you really wanted to see the franchise succeed you wouldn't be asking for for chapters but asking for a movie. that is the only way to keep the integrity of the series and allow for all the loose ends to be tied up.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2008 8:36PM EDT

yeah i agree with phylem on this one i really want it to continue and all, but there is a huge risk that they will kill it if you know what i mean. Best show i have seen and i really wanted it to continue but thats how a-lot of shows get ruined. You know what you should be asking for is for them to start on a real life action movie following the plot exactly so they wont ruin it. And i have herd rumors about it so i hope its true. Just as long as they keep it like the cartoon and don't change anything, also that they find some good actors.

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