Sugar was robbed!

Bob was a good player and I did like him, but I feel like I like him less now that he's won, and hasn't shared any of the money with Sugar.

If it wasn't for her, he'd be on the jury, not the winner. She gave him a heads up when Kenny tried to blindside him and then again, gave him a chance by creating a tie at tribal. He showed no appreciation for her at the reunion. Didn't even offer a "thanks!"

And then he won an extra $100,000 from Sprint. I thought he would have immediately offered that to Sugar, or even to split between her and Matty. But he said nothing.

I think Bob fooled everyone this season. He doesn't seem to be the nice old man that he played off.

I can't believe Sugar did such compassionate things and walked away empty handed.

Shame on you Bob!!


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Dec 19, 2008 4:23PM EST

I love Bob, but it was a little strange that he said nothing at all at the reunion. I think he was thrilled to win, and just is a humble person who was embarrassed to have the attention as a live show like that in interview style is a whole lot different than being out playing the game and talking to one person/camera now and then. I was really hoping Sugar would win fan favorite, and when Bob did, I absolutely agree I expected him to give it to Sugar, if not right there, we'd hear he did later. She was an enormous help to him in the game, and she felt so close to him, I hope there's more talk and relationship left between them than we saw on the reunion show.

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