Stargate Continuum

After hearing the plot to this months ago the same time ark of truth was anounced I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the notion. Weve had Apophis, Ra, Replicators, Ori & now we end up on baal?

Im very happy to anounce that I have been proved wrong with this the story is pretty simple the orignal version of Baal has been captured by the Jaffah and is having his goauld removed by the tokra SG1 and General O Neil tag along for the ride. Little do they know of course theres that one last version of Baal that slipped away and is wreaking havoc this time by changing the course of history and making it that the stargate project never started. I wont go into the details anymore as I dont want to spoil it lets just say that its really good to see a story written this well after the show has been going so many years. Theres a great use of characters both past & present and some rather violent scenes considering this is basically a feature length episode of stargate were watching the only other time I watched an episode and thought how can they get away with that was Daniel Jackson's wife being naked in the first episode.

All in all im very impressed with this the story is good, the way its written is great and you can tell by watching it that the actors still after all these years still enjoy playing there parts even to the part where there acting seems to be getting better the more of these they do.


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Jul 4, 2008 9:59AM EDT

I've seen it and I think it was awesome. Also it was a Ba'al clone who was to be extracted by the Tok'ra and the original who changed the timeline.

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