Episode Recap: "The Naked Man"

Having trouble closing the deal? Have no fear, The Naked Man is here. After Ted walks in on Robin's date sitting in nothing but his birthday suit, the gang learns of an absurd, yet profoundly simple, technique that's bound to get you some � well, two out of three times, at least. And how did the quintet deal with it? Let's dive in!

It's been one month since Stella ditched Ted and he's already back on the prowl, ever so carefully. After delicately and silently navigating his way through a week's worth of daily elevator rides, Ted musters the courage to ask Vicky out � after of course performing verbal diarrhea by announcing he was dumped at the altar. As he heads home, FutureTed tells us the story's going to take a turn for the worse. Recounting all the crazy things he's seen in the apartment (Lily painting male acrobats; Barney locked in a water tank; gun-toting Robin threatening gun-toting burglars; and, of course, Missy the Goat), Ted says nothing compares to what he was about to walk in on � Mitch lounging nude on the sacred red couch. Mitch then reveals the reason behind his buff-ness: It's his "move." When you're not much of a catch and the date is pretty much going nowhere, it's safe to play the Naked Man hand, where you disrobe when the lady's out of the room and wait for her to come back to "shock and awe." The surprise nudity induces laughter and then, apparently, sex. It works two out of three times, Mitch guarantees. Sounds crazy, no? Everyone brushes off the Naked Man as well, believing Robin would never fall for such a lame move. But lo and behold, she did � Mr. Wang secret sign and all.

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