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hi my name is marta and i am 14. i am polish but i lived in the netherlands for 6-7 years but now i live in ireland for 4 years now .

my top 1 idol is meryl streep i love er all my live and i even wrote a leter to her lately , my mom says that im obsessed about her and im glad she sees that because she is simply the best, its my mom who found out about the mamma mia 2008 movie trailer and told me about it since then i've been watching it every day , i even recorded it onto my phone because my mom wont let me go on the computer that often i totally cant wait till july when its out , i think i saw all the trailers (so far)

and i have them all on my phone and i also have tuns well actually my memory is nearly full of meryl streep stuff,eg videos and pictures it is the only ting i have on my phone .

im totally obsesed with meryl and i cant wait for the movie .

i know its going to be the best this year ,

i was just wondering or you might tell me a bit more about it (before the movie will be out ill probably figure it out ) but im geting it on dvd as soon as its out and im going to see it in the cinemas probably about 5 times like i did with some other movies of meryls

anyway thanks for reading

and as i said i cant wait !!!!!!!! good luck with the filming on the skopelos islands .



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Jul 29, 2008 12:50AM EDT

oh i like the movie of MAMMA MIA bcoz i am fan of meryl streep

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