an example the blair witch project should have used

very similar to the blair witch project only something actually happened, however there was lack of information, couldn't follow the plot(if there was one other than run away from the big alien monster and watch new york city get bombed)however i think this film would have been a 5 star if a. normal cinematic styles was used like normal movie cams, sound equalizing and just normal movie making styles b. more of a plot, you know like give them a goal to reach like escape the city rather than just wait 1hour 13mins then die and c. one of my personal favorites of apocalypse style films (ie. transformers, Armageddon etc.) involve the military (not just the soldiers)im talking about the president, pentagon, etc. (i don't think just showing a message saying department of defense at the beginning really counts for this)

unfortunately, even though i really enjoyed this film, i can't give it 5 stars and just give it 4.

i guess a lot of people would be disappointed, but im the type to think outside the box, and in this case not just the cam were seeing as this is just one person(or group's)reaction to the chaos, try to think of what others are thinking in the film, and it appears much better

i would recommend this a watch, but also recommend a remake and rethought too


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