Australia, the world's largest island and smallest continent, is an exotic, intriguing land shaped by it's isolation from all other lands. With thousands of miles of red desert sand dunes that characterize its famous Outback and lush coastal rainforests rich with unique wildlife, Australia is a place of extremes.

AUSTRALIA: Land Beyond Time is beautifully filmed but clearly leaves much to be desired in telling the story of Australia. Snippits of wildlife are shown with very little detail of their unique features. Other unique wildlife is ignored alltogether. There is absolutely no metnion of the Great Barrier Reef or the corals and fish it contains - absolutely unique in the entire world. With the exception of crocodiles, no mention is made of the unique animal life around Darwin, NWT. The Aborigine, who lived in this isolated continent and developed singular human features is completely ignored in the film. While many portions of the continent seem to be filmed, the viewer is never apprised of where these areas are geopgaphically located. All in all, the film leaves one completely unfulfilled. It definitely leaves the impression that it was developed to fill 45 minutes of an IMAX show and content was almost irrelevant.


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