Why Heroes Vs. Villains will be the best season of Survivor yet.

With the teams finally released for the February premiere of CBS' reality hit Survivor, the Heroes Vs. Villains season of the unstoppable series may be the best yet. The season will see the return of twenty contestants from season's past who have been dubbed some of the greatest and most popular Survivor players of all time. The premise of the 20th season of Survivor is that these past contestants will initially divided into two tribes - Heroes Vs. Villains (good Vs. evil, if you like). However I think the show will become most interesting when it comes time for the merge, and these two forces must meet. Why is this different to other seasons? Because these castaways are returning for their second or even third shot at the title of sole survivor. Some of these contestants have played each other before, and they have all seen each other play through the television. Will alliances from previous games come into play?

Discussion continues here, with list of contestants.


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