Entourage Season 6, Episode 7 Review: "No More Drama"

(S06 E07) "Don't get a gun. It's not gonna be a good story when Turtle shoots you in the face" - Ari

Entourage is finally back on top. The show has got over its problems (mainly just plain boringness) that plagued the fifth season, and the beginning of the sixth. This episode has confirmed what I thought after the episodes "Fore" and "Murphy's Lie", that is to say that Entourage has regained what made the show so great before.

It was interesting to see that nothing more was made of the sex tape that Vince filmed last episode. And many will be happy to see Ashley absent from E's story.

Drama's story was the best he has had in quite a while, which created a nice story arc from "Murphy's Lie". What a nice guy, sticking his neck out for Turtle.

It was interesting to see how Vince's fans behave around him, because other than the film premiere and the visit to the cinema in "One Day in the Valley", we rarely see fans overreacting to Vince. This appears to be some of the more realistic aspects of a celebrity's career.

I get the feeling that Eric's career at Murray's will be short lived, because there is too much tension between Eric and Scott. Or maybe Scott will be ousted? I love the ongoing taunts between Eric and Ari, and Ari sending the pizzas was a classic moment.

Ari perhaps had too small a role, which is a little disappointing, but the writers have won back a little patience from me, and I will have a little faith that they will deliver the goods.

And I never thought I would say this, but Jamie Lynn Sigler is a very welcome addition to the boys on Entourage. I think she is just as good and fits in as well as Sloan did.

The last few episodes have proved very entertaining, which I haven't said about the show since the end of season four.


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