Why profanity in television is debatable.

Anyone who has a watched a premium cable network such as HBO or Showtime know the extremes of sex, drugs, violence and swearing is unrivalled by any other television networks. Television programs like HBO's Deadwood can barely get through thirty seconds without at least one swear word. Other shows such as Showtime's Dexter feature characters such as Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), renowned for their foul tongue. But is the swearing necessary? Deadwood for instance is a program set on the American frontier. The swearing is meant to set the scene realistically, with rough outlaws, miners and barkeepers from the late 1800's. For that, I can understand the use of profanity, but Deadwood's frequency of swearing is off the charts. In fact, some statistics say that Deadwood uses the 'F-Word' 1.56 times per minute. The F-Word was said 43 times during the very first hour of the show, and some reports have charted the total series count at nearly 3,000 across 36 episodes.

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Large 1320614775 neverendstm0uw7
Dec 22, 2009 9:59AM EST

I have seen moronic post in my life but yours just take the roof off!
The goal for HBO is to re-create the exact same life style of that time and i think they managed to do that to the perfection...
You have to tell yourself that HBO with Band of Brothers/Rome/Deadwood did something NO ONE else would do they made a product that was exactly how and why things happened at that time/place. Frankly if your not OK with getting the earf-full of swares they had at that time well you can abstain yourself!
Al Swearengen would not be Al Swearengen without the bad mouth, Debra would not be Debra without the bad mouth!
The swares put punctuations and form the style of the caracters! You simply cannot expect a show (espeicailly on Prenium) to not use them!
These are shows you simply DO NOT WATCH WITH A KID and if the swares affected you then GROW UP!!! These caracters would not be the same without swares and if you take time and really ear what they are saying you will remark that the swares are a part of what makes them a GREAT caracters!

Default avatar cat
Dec 22, 2009 4:20PM EST

Usually, on an internet community such as this one I do not result to personal insults as you have done. But today, I simply cannot resist.
To be called a moron by you truly is an insult, because YOU must be one of the most moronic people I have encountered in all my travels on the web. Not only are there countless spelling errors in your post, but many inaccuracies also. You can't lecture me on my stupidity when you can't even spell 'swear', 'premium' or 'characters'.
If you had of actually read the post, I was discussing the variety of opinions allowed in this "free-speech" world of ours, because not everyone agrees with it. I do however, I love it, it's fantastic, Debra Morgan is my favorite TV character for her foul tongue.
Furthermore, HBO doesn't "recreate the exact same lifestyle of that time" in shows such as Rome and Deadwood. How do I know? I have spent the past two years studying ancient Rome, particularly the time period referenced in the HBO series. There are countless historical inaccuracies from the characters of Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, to the compacted time line. Most of all I know at least half the swear words used did not exist in ancient Rome. But I can forgive all this because I understand it is just a show.
Maybe you will think before you run your mouth next time.

Large 1320614775 neverendstm0uw7
Dec 23, 2009 12:24PM EST

1. I said that your POST was moronic i never said you were a moron!
2. I am a french-canadien LIVE WITH IT!
3. Im talking about the LIFSTYLE of series not the historical accuracies because god knows that with the exact same story a series would not be as great as rome is..
By correcting my spelling in a internet post and by bringing up the fact that you "have spent the past two years studying ancient Rome" you proved to me that you were a bit up tight.
So i will make this a simple for you!
Your in the 10% of the earth population that cares swears and historical innacuracies in series, however, I am in the other 90% that does not care about that and just want a good show!
So next time you go all out on subjects like profanitys or sex in a series i hope you will expect another moron like me to come and blast you about those little points that only affect those of you in the 10% of up tight peapol!
I mean between me and you the series is good(IMO Deadwood is the best) why would you bring something like falty languages up when you can talk about the series itself ...
Seriously wakeup, look around and smell the coffee, nobody cares about the amount of swears or the extremes of sex especially if that is what makes that show special!
En autre mots, mange de la marde, quand tu seras capable d'écrire en deux langues tu viendras corruger mes erreurs!
(Eat my poop, when you will be able to write in french then you can come and spellcheck my text!)

Default avatar cat
Dec 25, 2009 5:39AM EST

You have made me laugh, so thank you because you have lightened my day. I am so far from the uptight opinion you obviously have of me. I who couldn't care less about swearing, sex or violence. In fact, the more the better.
Let's end this here, and part ways as friends, fellow Sidereeler

Large 1320614775 neverendstm0uw7
Dec 25, 2009 4:33PM EST

Ok ok....
Let's burry those battle axes!
Little question on the side ... Whitch swears(see improvement) were used in the ancient Rome?

Default avatar cat
Dec 26, 2009 12:53AM EST

Most Roman swear words are improper names for genitals, particularly female. I guess that’s similar to today, although they were considered much more offensive than today - high society were rarely heard saying them in public. One you have probably heard in the TV series Rome is “Cunnus” – female genitalia. The link to the similar word in English slang is considered coincidental as they have different origins in each language. The show is quite unique because of its mixture of Latin and English swear words. Historians argue over the usage of a word similar to the F-Word, some think it is used pretty much the same as today, others think it was slightly different, relating strictly to the sexual act and not used as an adjective etc. I don’t know all the ins and outs of that particular debate.
The swear words a kind of similar, but have different levels of impact and use.

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