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(S05 E13) "A croquet mallet? I couldn't find a golf club..." - Shane

Whilst this episode started slowly, it delivered the goods by its conclusion, redeeming what has been a dull season in its final moments.

So from the beginning:

I loved the reunification of Celia and Doug, they are both so alone - in Celia's case she is desperate, in Doug's he is just stoned and out of it. Their dialogue was witty, and reminded me of the times in Agrestic during seasons 2 and 3. Their love/hate relationship also delivers, such as Doug's "There you are you feral b**ch...I'm digging the hair, you got this whole crazy gypsy thing going on". Finally some considerable progress and it looks like there may be a decent storyline for them in season 6 as Celia, Doug, Dean, Sanjay, Ignacio and Isabelle try to replicate Nancy's business from season 2. As Celia says "If Nancy can do it, so can I".

It was disappointing to see the Andy/Audra plotline disappear as quickly as it came. It's 50/50 whether it may continue for season 6. They could just as easy leave it at that, or bring Andy back to Audra. I was kind of excited to see Andy maturing and doing something other than his usual stuff.

I really just want a new story for Silas, as the Adelita plot is boring at best. I want the kid back who stole the drug free zone signs from Agrestic.

And so, Pilar. Shane. I'm glad Nancy got caught, because she has had way too much go her way in the show. For Guillermo to be on Pilar's side is a creative storyline. And Shane, what a Dark Horse. I had found his character tedious for the whole season, but one little mallet has breathed new life into his character. Nancy however looked more shocked than grateful that Shane killed Pilar. I think she is seriously concerned at what he is growing up to be. I have read a lot of fans online saying they think he has become a psychopath and that this will be addressed in the next season. Who knows? What do you think?

I have also heard other talk that season 6 will have Nancy move to the head of the drug dealer 'food chain'. Other talk notes that the producers have spoke of the sixth season being the final, and fans are already speculating that it will see the death of Nancy. Mary-Louise Parker's contract was initially signed for six seasons, and it has not been announced if Showtime has extended that. Could season 6 be the final season?

What do you think?

All I know is that we will have to wait until at least June 2010 to find out.



Default avatar cat
Sep 3, 2009 10:59PM EDT

The episode end was dramatic but for me, to little to late.I hate Celia and really don't want to see more of her in the next season though that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
I liked in the old episodes when Nancy was closely walking an ethical tightrope. Yeah, she was a drug dealer but she was a good person and we loved her. Now, I don't even see her motivation. She's destroying her family and hurting everyone who cares about her. She went from smart weed dealing mother to an annoying Sopranos wife, ordering hits and loving a misogynistic jerk.
Andy is the only really lovable character and I can't keep watching the show for his light hearted jokes.

Default avatar cat
Sep 4, 2009 5:31AM EDT

You have summed up my feelings for the show so well. For me it is also too little too late. I miss the show that we saw during the first three seasons, all the characters were funny and had good storylines and there was the ethical tightrope! And you are so right that she is just a boring Sopranos wife now. There is none of the greatness that the show had in Agrestic.

Default avatar cat
Sep 7, 2009 3:39PM EDT

I love Shane, who cares if he is a pyschopath...more interesting that way. I cannot believe that Nancy was surprised at all, if she paid more attention to her kids she would have seen it coming. Shane loves his mother, his brother, himself, but I think he loves pain and killing more. He acts far above his age, a result of having to grow up too fast after his father died.Nancy does not do well with a partner, she as not since Jonah. Nancy's boyfriends have always been possessive, jealous, and rough...why does she attract these men? And Estevan is just the icing on her black cake...I don't think she ever liked him that much. When they stopped Nancy drug dealing, they stopped the whole idea behind the show. And nothing is more charming than Suburbia. Little Boxes was what I looked forward to, and now it is gone.Poor Andy...I'm hoping he ran out to get his own weapon. I just don't think he and Nancy fit together though. Andy should be with his Jewish princess Yael.Estevan's daughter was a definite disappointment...she is a junkie? That came out of left field.

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