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(SO5 E11) "If you don't climax, the terrorists win" - Andy

So I have always defended WEEDS when everyone said that it had 'jumped the shark'. But the symptoms aren't looking good. This episode left a bad taste in my mouth, like I had wasted the last 30 minutes.

The storyline of Celia's homosexuality is poor at best, and appears spontaneous and out of place with the story. Whilst Celia still has some of the best one-liners, the storyline is nothing the Weeds writing team should be proud of. As a matter of fact, none of the storylines they should be proud of.

The story of Nancy and Esteban is interesting, the plot could be compressed, and I just feel that it is like a small amount of butter being spread over too much bread. Nancy's planned assassination of Pilar sounds promising, and Esteban's arrest also, but things just need to speed up.

Silas hasn't had a good storyline since the Agrestic days, and Shane has simply become an annoying interruption. I do have to give Nancy a big hand for actually recognizing what she has done to lives of her children, and what a bad mother she has been.

Doug remains hilarious as usual, but his storyline with Dean does not eventuate into anything. Back in the day, watching Doug and Dean get stoned was entertaining enough (such as at Shane's graduation party in Season 2) but this just didnt work for me. There just doesnt seem to be anything tying all the characters together like there used to be in Agrestic. Although, I must admit Doug and Dean's plan to get stoned and leave each other notes on the bodies in the style of the film "Memento" was a stroke of genius.

So has WEEDS jumped the shark? The results of my diagnosis are yet to come in, but the show certainly needs some medicine before the season finale in 2 weeks time to save it from its doomed fate.

I still pray for the day when the writers realize that the Ren Mar setting is terrible, and they take everyone back to Agrestic. Maybe Heylia and Conrad may even return, but perhaps that is asking for too much.

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Aug 18, 2009 5:42PM EDT

I was a defender...until last week.
I seemed to have lost a lot of respect (of the little left) I had for Nancy. I don't think she really loves Esteban and them getting married seems a little too forced. I don't know, I'm just sick of Esteban.
I agree that Silas hasn't really had an interesting storyline in a while--the same would go for Shane. I was seriously hoping that the two of them could come together and help Shane out of his seriously demented thoughts. After all, Silas refused to leave for Europe on the behalf of his brother. The only problem here is a serious lack of development.
I really am sick of Audra. Her character, I feel, has run its course. Now, The Andy/Audra relationship really does seem forced here. Just last week, Audra was telling Andy that he was still hung up on Nancy. Now, I have a lot of respect for Andy's character--seriously, I love the guy--and I don't think he'd be over Nancy so quickly. I mean, just a few episodes ago, he had to physically tell himself (out loud) that he was slowly beginning to let go of Nancy's hold over him, only to shortly discover that the grip was as tight as ever.
I'm still rooting for Andy/Nancy to happen. Was it just me, or were they bother relatively close (holding hands?) at the end of Suck N' Spit? (just before Shane was shot).
Maybe that was just me and my hopeful eyes. I don't know, I just love Andy. :(

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Aug 19, 2009 5:58AM EDT

I agree that Nancy's relationship with Esteban is forced. She changes from week to week whether she loves him or not, and so the marriage seemed out of place.
I really wish Shane would just die. There is no other option. He is a terrible character now.
I wish Esteban would die. And they would all go back to Agrestic.
I don't like the Andy and Nancy relationship, because it seems so unlikely. But if the choice is Esteban or Andy, I choose Andy any day.

Large 1371447244 phillis wheatley

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Dec 15, 2012 12:47AM EST

Agrestic will never happen it forward moving not going backwards, Nancy has always been a bad mother and her kids will be screwed up in the end. Esteban will not last long she is the black widow spider when it comes to husbands. Andy , dean ,Doug and Cecilla are secondary and should stay there maybe not Andy but the rest yes.

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