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After its 19th season, CBS reality show Survivor can still top the ratings. Survivor has been the #1 show countless times, and is often given the much coveted Sunday night and post-Super Bowl timeslot. Survivor has been broadcast for the past ten years, always guided by Jeff Probst, the host whom ages less than LOST's Richard Alpert. With Survivor: Samoa concluding tonight, CBS is already looking to the next season of Survivor, which airs in February 2010. The 20th season of Survivor will be an All-Stars season pitting Heroes against Villains from previous Survivor seasons. Beyond that, CBS is already casting for Survivors 21st season that will air in the second half of 2010. Survivor is undoubtedly the most successful reality program of all time. But what makes it so?

Survivor: Samoa concluded tonight with the winner announced as the currently unemployed Natalie White, overcoming doctor Mick Trimming and Texas oil company owner Russell Hantz. Since the beginning of Survivor in 2000, there has been much suggestion that the show is rigged or scripted with a pre-determined outcome. Former contestant Stacey Stillman sued CBS in 2001 for allegedly rigging the show and having her voted off. CBS in turn sued her for libel and breach of contract. But does the audience even care?

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Dec 21, 2009 8:06PM EST

if CBS pre-determined the outcome, they wouldn't have chosen Nathalie to win... that is just dumb. I do believe they show certain scenes to depict players in a certain way, so at least to a certain extent, the crowd can be pleased. If they had chosen the winner, they would have had Brett or Russel win.

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