This is the kind of detective show I love to watch - no blood!

USA's Monk is one of those shows that I love, but I don't always follow. What I love about Monk the most is that I don't have to watch every single episode to enjoy each individual episode. If I miss a few weeks, it's no big deal. Sure there may be minor plot details I miss, but overall each episode of Monk stands on it's own.

In general, this is how it goes down on Monk. A crime happens near the beginning. Unlike other cop/detective shows, we rarely see anything bloody or gory. The cops get called in to investigate the crime and ultimately they always call Monk for his expertise.

This show really makes me laugh a lot. Monk's OCD is one of the main sources of humor, but I find the other characters have humor as well. Lt. Disher is one of the regular detectives and he can be quite ditzy and slow at times, making him a fun character. Monk has had 2 different assistants and I've enjoyed them both as they help to bring out, and sometimes explain, the weird habits in Monk!

I enjoy this show a lot and ever since I introduced my husband to it, I catch him watching it everyday when I get home! It's interesting to watch not just for the comedy and drama, but also to try and solve the cases. It's kid-friendly even though it seems aimed more at adults. If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy, and you're tired of seeing gross things on those other detective shows, then check out Monk today!!


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Jan 11, 2009 3:32PM EST

i have to agree with you on everything you say and i hope for the last season they let him finally catch the killer or killers of his wife trudie that would make monks life complete

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