Death be not proud...though some may call you mighty....R.I.P BSG!

I love this show and as far as i am concerned no other series could ever compare.


I might get a not so good response from my fellow BSG addicts when i say that i was a bit disappointed by a few things in the finale, but here goes:

1. What the Frack is Starbuck?(seriously now, and am tired of the theory of angels)

2. What the hell is up with the shared visions?

3. How are these people connected?

4. Are Caprica six and slicked back Baltar supposed to be from the future?

5. How did they manage to do the 'time travel' bit?

6. AGAIN, what the FRACK is starbuck and who the hell is her father and how

is he connected to DANIEL and the dude playing the piano? Are they even connected?

DESPITE this....

I found that i really loved the battle between the cylons, new centurians, and the humans, cylons, new centurians and hybrid/s? The haunting music, sharp colours (though gloomy) and the resounding battle cry of the ADAMa himself made this whole entire episode remarkably touching and riveting.For me the past few images culminated with these of the cylons and humans working together (though reluctantly) struck such a cord of hope for the future for both life forms. Yet when a simple mistake destroyed the silence it was definitely obvious that these two combatants could never live in peace for long.

Which then begs to question, what will they fight over next?

All in all the last few scenes that brought a new beginning at their new home was also brimming with hope and sadness.However i will still revert to my earlier piques with the final scenes between starbuck and apollo....disappointing. With this new hope however, brings to mind the renewed cycle of war and strife between man and man brought home by caprica and baltars dialouge at the end of the show. Leaving the viewer with the thought that once again the cycle will continue due to the ever present nature of man. If you came to watch this show for happy happy action and love scenes think again. Realistic and slightly depressing might come to mind if you thought to come away from the show with any of the previously mentioned (though adama and roslins' short scenes were quite touching as well, when he slipped his former wedding band unto her cold lifeless fingers). As usual it speaks to a species nature to survive against all odds. And finally this is where i'd like to congratulate the writers in copying and expounding on man's desires vs nature, i'd give it an A-




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Mar 21, 2009 9:51PM EDT

A fantastic finale and very fitting to what was an awesome show.
With Starbuck, her father and Daniel, the only connection I can see there is that the dude playing the piano was her father. Her father wasn't connected to Daniel, either was Kara. Daniel was someone we connected to them and wasn't meant to come across like that, but it was easy to understand why we did. Both storylines were introduced at pretty much the same time and we just ran with it.
I have found a post finale interview with Ron Moore that I think will help answer your questions better.

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Mar 22, 2009 7:46PM EDT

Starbuck was a messenger of the divine. If you want to call that an angel or what that's up to you. The only thing we know is that when she died in Maelstrom, she died. There will be debate on if she is a head character or had a physical presence will be debated, however if you consider some of the big things she did she was with someone else - painting the demitrius with leoben and using anders' gun to shoot the guy after anders was shot. When she disappeared next to Lee, she continued he journey that she was put on when she came back.
As for Daniel, he was meant to be an allegory to Cane and Abel for Cavil, I guess they just didn't get to it. There is no connection between him and Starbuck and Starbuck's dad who we saw playing the piano.
The visions were just god's way of communicating to these people what they need to know. It was thanks to the visions that baltar and 6 knew to take Hera into the opera house, and it was thanks to the visions that Roslin and Athena knew to chase her.
The head characters (6 and baltar) are angels. We have been told this, they are eternal and are servents of 'god' or whatever it likes to be called.
They never did any time traveling, they just jumped 150000 years into the future like with the 1 year jump at the end of season 2.

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Mar 23, 2009 3:41PM EDT

The only thing wrong with the Starbuck theory is that time and again she was told she would lead mankind to its destruction. She didn't. She saved them. It was just plain wrong.

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Mar 23, 2009 4:24PM EDT

she was told she would mankind to their end, not their destruction. It later went on to say that this 'end' was an beginning, not an end.
The 'harbinger of death' statement is along the same lines.

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