Episode Recap: "The White Asparagus Triangulation"

This week Leonard and Stephanie get a little closer, but the only thing causing friction in this new relationship is Sheldon. Can it last or is Sheldon's interference going to make it fail?

Sheldon and Penny find themselves running into each other getting the mail. Since Sheldon is not very big on "small talk," a very awkward Sheldon asks Penny, "What is shaking?" Sheldon continues to strike up casual (yet uncomfortable) conversation with Penny as they walk back up to the apartment and eventually gets to his point. He tells her that Stephanie is very important to him because she is the only woman that he finds tolerable... the only one. He does not want her to come across as a sexual candidate for Stephanie and asks if there is any way she can "find a way to suppress her feminine libido." Penny thinks for a little... then responds, "I could think of you."

Next, we see Leonard and Stephanie having a romantic candlelight dinner (why not at an actual table?) but of course Sheldon is there with them sitting in his usual spot on the couch. "And you said there wouldn't be enough for the three of us!" Sheldon exclaims as he continues eating pasta. Leonard is visibly annoyed by Sheldon's interference, but Sheldon continue to ask Stephanie random questions... that somehow always go back to a story pertaining to him.

The second Leonard/Stephanie date was at a movie theatre. It looked like a typical date with the two of them sitting close together, sharing popcorn... but then Sheldon comes in interrupting yet again. He tells Leonard that the note he left him stating he was going to the movies was very confusing because it didn't have a movie title or a time on it. So, a little investigating on Leonard's computer led him to find the exact information he needed. He then tells both of them that he needs to find seats. A confused Stephanie tries to tell Sheldon that we already found the seats, but before she could finish that statement he was already going from seat to seat trying to find "the acoustic sweet spot." The best Sheldon moment of the episode was when he was hopping from seat to seat yelling out, "Ha!" "HOo!" NNAa!" He finally figures out that they were sitting in the sweet spot the entire time. Who else wants to do this the next time you are sitting in the theatre? I have a feeling I would either get laughter (from the other BBT fans out there) or a look of total confusion/anger.

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