Both Sides Now (House season 5 finale)

Yes, spoilers.

I enjoyed this episode, but still, I have to say it: What. A. Rip-off.

Tonight's patient (Ashton Holmes) is first seen in a restaurant annoying another customer. As the pissed-off customer is pressing him to the ground, we can see the patient bleeding from his eye.

We then cut to a scene where House wakes up, walks up to the bathroom and looks very un-House-like (when House is happy, he's grinning: this was different). He examines the lipstick stains on his face, smiles again and begins touching Cuddy's lipstick.

At the hospital, team begins the brainstorming for possible causes on the patient, whose other hand does things the rest of his body doesn't want it to do. House and Cuddy briefly talk, then House goes to seek Wilson's guidance.

Something unexpected was the fact that, with a hint from Thirteen, Taub goes to talk to Chase about his wedding. Are those two even on a greeting-basis? The patient's bit too understanding girlfriend brings him stuff, and his hand slaps her. As House and the team brainstorm, he plays with Cuddy's lipstick. Wilson gives him advice to actually give "this" (House and Cuddy-love munchkins) a real chance. The patient is sat on a machine and they examine how his two hemispheres work.

Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron have some problems, but they work it out in the end, and they get married. I expected Cameron to have a prettier dress, but whatever, and mazel tov.

The best clip about the patient was when his girlfriend discovers that the problem may be with his deodorant, and the evil left hand caresses her cheek.

Everything crumbled to bits when House realizes that there was never any lipstick, it was a bottle of Vicodin, Huddy never happened, he simply hallucinated everything. This was maybe a needed plot twist, but it's a rip-off in the sense that first we expected something to happen between them, but actually, it was "all just a dream". Based on the promo, I expected more "shock"-factor since we already knew he was hallucinating, the fact that they came back was to be expected. This does, however raise questions on what season 6 is going to be like, unless they go for a "three months in rehab cured me allll up"-solution.


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May 13, 2009 10:26AM EDT

lol, prob we like wilson and cuddy miss him and visit him, then team will fail cases, and each one keeps dying. then they all would say "if house was here...."house wont get better but will pretend he's fine so he can get out of that place.but the hallucination heps him solve cases, "amber" tells him wats happening and shuold listen to her

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