A frosty edge to some brainless humour.

(This is my first review; i am not in anyway a great writer, just giving my perspective on the movie. This is just an opinion; don’t be over critical of my writing styles.)

To understand what i mean by the title you'd have to sit through a pointless hour and a half of slapstick comedy with predictable, brainless and dimwitted humor throughout.

Although the film shines in certain areas, those areas being the few segments of humor that are actually bearable, A huge downfall on its part is the acting. Jessica Alba plays the predictable " good girl next door" part, but with a clumsy persona which was probably the only interesting aspect of her character. Her acting skills are hardly tested, it was clear to me that she got the part for one reason and it certainly wasn’t acting. She works in an aquarium looking after penguins, i mean if thats giving your character depth good writers must really be hard to find.

As for Dane Cook, I don’t think he should quit his day job as a comic stand up. It was easy to see that he isnt an experienced actor and alot of his lines were just comic jokes, which didnt give me any real inclination to laugh. As for his "serious" input in the film, there were times that i found his dialog came across forced and unconvincing thus taking alot of impact out of the movies plot and leaving my mind to wonder where the next cheap one liner was going to be pulled.

Speaking of plot, its been tried and tested since what seems to be the dawn of time. Guy meets girl, falls for girl, messes up with girl, girl dumps guy, guy wins back girl, The end. The only difference is the script writer had to try to be "original" so therefore thought it would be comic greatness to have the main character cursed and unable to hold down the woman of his dreams. Of course dimwitted cook only realises that he's cursed within the last twenty minutes of the movie, which brings forth what seems to be a rushed, predictable, ending.

To conclude, if you’re into mindless humor and have time to waste forcing yourself to laugh at the type of jokes you could detect coming even if you were a blind comatose patient, then this movie is worth a look. If not , reading this review has hopefully saved you the time.


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