A womne gave borth to 8 children today, TLC give otehr families a chance on the air, tired of Jon an

I like Jon and Kate plus 8, but please TLC there are other families with this amount of children and more at one time. My god what about women years ago who gave birth to many kids at once, and today a women gave birth to 8 kids at one time. Tell me will TLC be putting them on the air, I mean enough already of Jon and Kate. The family thing is something I love, but start putting other families on TLC besides Jon & Kate really. Kate have not done any thing any more than any other mom, dad has done for years for their children. Move over Jon and Kate and welcome the women who gave birth to 8 babies at one time. Kate a word of adive, in the camras yoour so head strong about the kids being clean, yes being a mom is a job alone, but darling stop over doing it. They are kids, andf please, please TLC Get another family on the air already please.



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Feb 8, 2009 12:43AM EST

Wow. What a horrible thing to say.Sure there are many others out there who have had just as many children, if not, more, but how could you say something like that?Do you even watch the show? I honestly can't get enough of it, and I don't think it's possible to get tired of how adorable the children are.Not to mention, Kate seems like and amazing mom. Sure, not every mom is like her, but they say that no two people are alike. She wants what's best for her kids, don't criticize her for it. I'm sure if it were any other family, you'd find something else to criticize. Don't bother giving her "advice for the camera". I'm sure she doesn't read this, and honestly, she does fine in front of the camera.And that woman who gave birth to 8 kids...Single mom, has 6 other kids, unemployed, and her parents bought her a house that they too now live in...Wow. She is basically going to milk her kids for what they're worth.I'm sure that the show will come to a close one day. But don't call the Gosselins old news. I love this show, and if you're going to hate on it, come up with some good reasons. Or, at least correct you grammar and spelling.

Feb 25, 2009 12:26AM EST

Amen to that Dariya! I personally love this show too. And you're right, there are other families out there with incredible stories, but you know what? it doesn't matter. The show is now mostly about how to be a good parent to so many kids that have all these different personalities and require different things of course. So basically, musicanme12, you're saying that every family in the world that has alot more children than usual should have their own series on TLC. yeah, sorry that's not how it works. If you're so tired of the show, change the channel and wait for the next show after Jon & Kate to come on :)

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