whit collar is better than castle.

white collar has a story whereas castle is only about solving cases. It's the same old way of solving cases with a guy and girl who fall in love. But white collar provides something more,there is so much of suspense and fun. It's anyday better than castle.



Jul 26, 2010 12:07PM EDT

Shrey they just simply cannot be compared !It's impossible !Even though the Genre is almost the same - the theme and the whole process is clearly different.Agreed, White Collar has a more solid story line with the 'Kate mystery' but Castle ...stands a class apart from the normal cliches of detective themes...At that it can also be noted that Castle is a Murder/Homicide Detective Series whereas White Collar as the name suggests is just that !!

Default avatar cat
Nov 26, 2010 9:44AM EST

That's like saying Lindt chocolate is better than instant pudding. Or in other words: Duh.

I wanted to like Castle because Nathan Fillion was so wonderful on Buffy and Firefly, but it just bored me after a while. The characters are cardboard, the storylines are typical, the dialogue is predictable, and there was no progression in two entire seasons (at which point I finally gave up on it). It just has a cheap feel to it, IMO.

White Collar's characters aren't much more complex but the interaction between them is, the dialogue is better, the storylines are much better, and though the mood of the show is light-hearted and silly on the surface, there are seriously angsty undercurrents if you want to think about it, and when they do abandon the light-heartedness for suspense and/or pathos, they do it well. The last couple of minutes of the season 2 finale nearly killed me.

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