Have the writers lost the plot?

I think the producers of nip/tuck would have been better off leaving their writers on strike, given the tangled mess of loose ends, unexplained threads and ridiculous story lines that season 5 has sadly descended into. It's almost as if they're trying to get the show canceled, as the ultimate fuck you to their unappreciative producers.

The season started off promisingly enough, the move to LA had the potential to be a fresh start, with a fresh angle. To an extent this was achieved with Sean's burgeoning acting career- bizarre, but tolerable. However, it was the decision to drag back the entire cast from Miami from the metaphorical dead, which was the start of the confusion and lack of cohesion. For example, Julia seems to have made a fresh start in New York, from which a supposed romantic weekend break in LA turns into an indefinite stay, with her girlfriend, her girlfriend's daughter Eden and supposedly Annie, who despite being expelled from school for performing fellatio, has not even been referred to since. Similarly, Kimber and Matt reappear for no apparent reason and they even felt the need to wheel out the terminally ill and dull Gina, all of which reeked of trying to flog a dead horse into life rather than introducing newer, fresh elements to the show.

The shows relationships, while typically twisted, likewise display a complete lack of cohesion in the writing. Christian's affair with Julia epitomises this confusion. After Christmas they appear to be a happy couple and living together, then they split up as Julia's mysterious illness worsens, however, in the latest episode, it appears they had been very much together, despite Christian fucking anything that moved in the intervening episodes.

And what has happened to Olivia? Is she still with Julia, or has she left her living with her daughter, who incidently is trying to kill her. Maybe she's suffering from pre senile dementia, which is surely the only rational explanation for her passivity at Julia's affair, and the fact that her daughter has somehow managed to become a porn actress whilst still living under her roof.

It is as if there is a different writer for every show, who refuses to read what has happened in the previous episode and plough on with their own ideas regardless. There is no central thread, as in previous seasons, and plot lines are brought up that are either too tenuous for words (the Eden- Kimber porn connection comes to mind) or are simply left unresolved and forgotten, to be half heartedly picked up at some distant point in the future.

These inconsistencies have been an increasing annoyance for me through the season, and was wondering whether people feel the same way.


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