Just like Peep Show, this show is hilarious. The only thing I don't understand about the show (I have no idea whose decision this was) is WHY they ever thought using a laugh track was a good idea. They're not performing in front of an audience. It just doesn't fit. I'm not sure if it was their decision, or if the BBC thought it would be a bit too fast for most audiences, or if that's just part of the idea I don't get. It's distracting and a little demeaning in today's comedic climate. It's fairly easy to overlook though, and this show is great.


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Jul 20, 2008 2:14PM EDT

I agree about the laugh track.. what a terrible idea. During the first episode I watched I was having a really hard time ignoring it. I'm happy to live in the age where laugh tracks are a thing of the past. The show would be a million times better, to me and those I watch it with, if they ditched the laugh track.. or even released the dvd with NO laugh track. That'd be brilliant. The show itself is comic genius and, I'm happy to say, goes right over my head sometimes. The smarter and more clever the comedy..the happier I am.

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