Love Bones :D

I live in Wales in the United Kingdom and I started watching Bones, when the first series was being replayed and ive been hooked ever since. Sadly I missed out on most of series 2 because the channel that aired Bones stopped :o and then I found sidereel :D and thanks to this website which I think is fab, im totally up to date and I love coming home from university and watching the latest episode. I think Bones is an amazing programme, with fab actors and even better scripts, I thought the whole routein of there being a bad guy and the good guy winning would get out dated but it hasnt and I always look forward too the next instalment. It manages to have funny bits, series and heart-warming bits and not to forget the romance which I sometimes think is a little dragged out (will Booth and Bones ever get together?)but its once of the things that keeps me so interested in this Show, which I hope continues for a long time as I dont think I can give it up just yet :)


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May 27, 2008 2:32PM EDT

i completely feel your pain, i myself live in Wales also and i have no access to sky one nd i find myself relying on the internet for recent episodes.

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Jan 27, 2010 12:19PM EST

I live in P.R., and here T.V. is in Spanish so Bones is really hard to see cause the only channel that has the series, has it in Spanish and out of date... So i really enjoy to watch the episodes online that are actually new at any free time that I have. Of course cause I LOVE BONES!! I really do!! It's awesome, the scrips, the characters and the Show it self is just Awesome =D Love it hope it get to 10th season!! LOL

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