Episode Recap: "You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)"

This week was the episode we've all been waiting for. Much more was revealed than expected and with the show going on a break until January 5th we were left with many a cliff hanger in true Tree Hill fashion.

What started out as an innocent new friendship turned frightening by the end. When Sam was a no-show at the breakfast table, Brooke went looking for her and shockingly found her sneaking a boy out of her window. Sam tries to make a joke of it by saying, "Well I thought it was about time a guy stayed here" but then admits that nothing happened. "Dude, I'm like 15." Brooke then admits to Sam that she was attacked which is why she's been frigid, especially with men. She's angry and trying to let it all go. "I like talking to you," Sam tells her.

Nathan has decided to give his basketball dream one last shot. Before he leaves for try-outs Jamie tells him, "Daddy, all you can do is your best okay?" But when Nathan shows up to the combine he's told that it's invitation only and will have to leave. Luckily at the last minute the coach comes out and says, "He's with us" and Nathan finally has his chance to prove everyone wrong. Turns out he does. Despite being taunted in the locker room for having a shoe contract yet trying out for the B leagues, he dominates all of the physical fitness tests. He even takes the biggest risk of all by trying out as a point guard and not a shooting guard. At 6'2" Nathan is too small to be the "2" guard but in a flashback we learn that Quentin pushed him to switch positions in order to give him his best shot at making it in the pro's. Don't you love how they've managed to keep bringing Q back?

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