Smallville Review: Season 8, Episode 16 - Turbulence - Featured

This week's episode of Smallville was very much dedicated to continuing this seasons story arc. Chloe is still completely taken in by Davis, to the extent of believeing him over her own husband. Tess started revealing secrets, and Clark was forced to save her but in a way so that she never knew what was happening. And Davis started dishing out his own brand of unrelenting justice...

Possibly the best part of this episode for me was that we finally learned a bit more about Tess. We all know she is not to be trusted, however I still haven't completely made my mind up about her. She is right, she isn't Lex, and although she makes some ethically questionable decisions at times, I don't really think she should be written off as yet. Had she herself blown up the cockpit, killing the pilot just so Clark is forced to reveal his powers - well then she would be truly on her was to being the new Lex Luthor. But she didn't, she carefully planned the scenario so that no one was hurt. Obviously, she is manipulative, and at times devious however I believe what she said about her father and I do think that helps us to see why she is the way she is. She doesn't easily trust people, and she will always put her own wellfare infront of others so as to avoid getting hurt once again. In essence she is a survivor and I think that is what makes her a really interesting character. I'm not sure what she has in mind for Clark but she is definitely taking a different approach to Lex...

Something very unexpected occurred in this episode of Smallville... I actually felt sorry for Jimmy. As I have said in the past, I am not his number one fan to say the least. However this week I felt Chloe did to an extent betray him, and I don't really blame him for leaving her. He was already in a vulnerable state, which in a way is probably why Chloe doubted him. However, it was that state that meant that he needed her full trust and support, and for her to believe someone over him was a huge blow. I also can't help but think that Davis wasn't just trying to protect his identity, but rather enjoying discrediting Jimmy. In fact I was quite shocked with Chloe's actions also, surely you would ask Jimmy what he was doing rather than just making him go unconscious straight away. And her not revealing to Clark that they were having problems was also odd. Interesting though that Chloe's touch stopped Davis from turning into Doomsday, and something that I always thought was a possibility. Perhaps he really does love her, and it is that love which is enabling him to grasp to any humanity he has left.

Overall, not as enjoyable an episode as last week. And definitely not as eventful. As always, the lack of Lois made the episode feel like something was missing, however it was good to have some development story wise. I just hope that now Jimmy has left Chloe, she doesn't go running to Davis. As that is one relationship that is going to end in tears...



Default avatar cat
Mar 20, 2009 2:04PM EDT

it all seemed a little bit of a waste of effort to me.not very much was like the episode that filled in the gap, the gap in what? no idea.jimmy and chloe argue, wow, like that never happened before.Tess is getting close to finding out about Clark, something new please.worst episode for a long time.

Default avatar cat
Mar 20, 2009 3:43PM EDT

this episode was pretty in all her investigative reporterness seriously hasnt figured out whats up with davis.....and chasing a guy down and killing him in the hospital elevator? wtf .....does anybody work at these hospitals where people get injected with air or smothered on a monthly basis....i realize its not real or anything but these writers need to come up with something new.....i first realized this when they used the word moritorium like seven times in 4 episodes last season...........i do like how clark pinched tesse's oxygen line to know her out..thats something clark wouldent do normally which brings me to the biggest let down of the episode.......clark jumping out of a plane with it was a second long and basically the only reason why i wanted to see this episode.....they could of spruced up this shot by saving money by not showing davis almost transform ten times. Imagine clark landing on top of a huge rock in the desert and it gettin crushed beneath him and tess as he hits it how hard was that to come up with and how much cooler would it have made the commercial break that they cut to right when there was some decent action happening

Default avatar cat
Mar 20, 2009 3:46PM EDT

the writers made clark a better liar this season tho ......his half assed lies used to bug me...

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