Stargate Atlantis Review: 5x09; The Traveller

While I am fairly sure I am one of a few, I can't help but really like Keller. Sure, I was upset when Carson left (or died...) and I have enjoyed the odd appearence by him over the last season or so but there is something in Keller that is so likeable. Maybe it is the fact I can easily relate to her - she is smart, not exactly athletic and, despite often being proved wrong, tries to see the best in people. And I suppose because of this, I really liked this Keller-centric episode.

We start with Keller going off world to a village where an influenza type virus has spread. Ronan and McKay accompany her, both with romantic intentions... However, she is kidnapped by a Wraith Runner who takes her to an injured young girl, so she can save her. Problem is, like usual, where there's a Runner, there's Wraith. Ronan and McKay meanwhile are desperately trying to track Keller down, unaware of the Runner's good intentions.

Although this felt very much like a stand alone episode, I thought it was one of the better ones. I like any interaction between Ronan and McKay (in fact anyone's interaction with McKay amuses me...) and there where a few laugh out loud moments ("She clearly has a mustache!"). Keller meanwhile played the dutyful doctor as she always does and even displayed some pretty impressive moves when fighting a Wraith. Nice to see actually, she has been off world quite a lot now... she needed to get tougher!

Then towards the end of the episode both Ronan and McKay admitted to each other that they both liked Keller. And I think while many won't find this the most thrilling of storylines, I like that there is finally a bit more romance on Atlantis. We really haven't had that much... and a triangle will more than anything be fun to watch. I know who I would choose though (RONAN!) but who will Keller... McKay kind of has the upper hand with Keller rewatching his declaration of love but who could resist the rugidness of Ronan?

Anyway, I have gone slightly off topic. Overall, a good episode. Not great but as a standalone, a good watch. Nice to see a bit more Ronan too...


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