Smallville... entering a new era?

Smallville is a show based on the early years of Clark Kent AKA Superman. It follows Clark as he grows into the superhero he eventually becomes, and as he saves the day and stops the bad guys. Although obviously there are some similarities between Smallville and all the earlier interpretations of possibly the worlds favourite superhero, Smallville has become a separate entity.

Clark, played fantastically by Tom Welling, has grown over the years from a teenager who is unsure of himself, to a man almost ready to begin following the road upon which is his destiny. We have seen Clark fall in love with Lana, someone he has always thought he was meant to be with forever. Clark has experienced loss also, in the form of the death of his father, someone who was perhaps most instrumental in shaping the man Clark has become. And then theres the super side of Clark... his powers have grown and his enemy's have got tougher to defeat, all things that ultimately lead to Clark donning the red cape.

I suppose though that Smallville isn't just a story of how a superhero is born, but also a story of how a villian is born in the form of Lex Luthor. Lex, the ultimate in comic book villians is not the man we knew from 7 seasons ago. In fact, he is completely different. And, although some may say the darkness in Lex just took time to come to the surface, I believe that we all have the light and dark within ourselves meaning it was the choices that Lex made that made him become such a villain. And to be fair, Lex hardly had the humble beginnings that Clark was fortunate enough to have. Son to Lionel Luthor, a figure renound throughout Metropolis with a not so spotless past, its easy to see how Lex went from a friend of Clark, to his foe.

Like many stories that originate from comics, Smallville is a show with a lot of opposites. There is Clark, a figure of good who saves people and is morally good. Lex is ultimately the opposite of that. He is the kind of person who doesn't care who he hurts as long as his goal is achieved. Then there is Jonathan Kent and Lionel Luthor. Both fathers, yet polar opposites of themselves. Jonathan teaching his son about respect, Lionel teaching his son about power. Even down to the kryptonite there are opposites. A substance powerful enough to reduce Clark to a much weaker version of himself, yet it can also enable humans to become much stronger versions of themselves with amazing and sometimes deadly powers.

Although, for me, season 7 wasn't in the same league of previous seasons, I am hoping Smallville will do a One Tree Hill and turn itself around. Smallville has always been a great show, but never has it ever had the challenges it will have to face next season with two lead actors leaving. It is in my mind, the loss of Lex that will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. But it is a new era for Smallville of sorts. With Lana gone, Smallville can now follow the story that we all know, Clark's love for Lois, and his life as a journalist. There is no doubt Smallville is reaching the end of its epic journey, I just hope the next season is on par with what I have come to expect from such a great show like Smallville.



Sep 8, 2008 9:08AM EDT

nice review! =)

Large newrachelimage
Sep 8, 2008 4:26PM EDT

jaivomi...I am excited you are going to be reviewing Smallville! I always appreciate your insights!

Sep 8, 2008 4:29PM EDT

Great review! I haven't watched a lot of Smallville, but I've certainly been wondering how they'll handle losing 2 of the main characters. I hope this only makes for a better show as they deal with it this season.

Default avatar cat
Sep 8, 2008 5:49PM EDT

OMG!!!...that picture makes clark loooooook sooooooooooo sexxxxxy!!...but he alwayz looks sexy so we.e...but still...wooh!!!!!..i like the review 2

Sep 8, 2008 6:51PM EDT

Thanks for all your great comments everyone! I can't wait to get stuck in reviewing Smallville! And yes, Clark does look rather sexy in that picture (thats why I chose it!).

Default avatar cat
Sep 11, 2008 4:14AM EDT

Good review

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Sep 15, 2008 4:43PM EDT

I like this review... now I have to propose a question. Do you expect an appearance from the other 'Trinity' members, Bruce Wayne and Princess Diana. Personally I believe that these three are the heart and soul of the comic book JLA, but Smallville isn't just fanatically following the preconceived history of Clark Kent, Smallville is creating the origin story that was never told, but for references in the occasional comic. I think that Bruce Wayne is a feasible character, though they would have to battle the Christian Bale cloaked crusader. Which is a hard but reachable goal. But Princess Diana seems a like a far stretch, though they have used the 'magic' concept before.
When, and if, you respond please post your answer on my earlier Note at the link <

Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2008 4:50PM EDT

I just realized that the link will not connect... my apologies.


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Sep 18, 2008 3:55PM EDT

To reply to the question of 'my thoughts', I agree with you, if this is the last season then it would be a challenge to introduce one, not to mention both. But, if this is not the last season, I think it is very likely that they will one of them, if not both, because, as I said originally, they are running out of material, and those introductions could provide a good ten or so episodes. Clark running into the Joker robbing a metropolis bank, and Bruce give a good head knocking to the villain, or some weird introduction like that (this particular scenario is very unlikely with the amazing, and tragic, performance of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight). But if Smallville continues, onto it's ninth season, i would truly enjoy an introduction of Batman. As for Wonder Woman, a much harder role to place, mainly because of all the magic that would be involved. Which would remind me of the Isabelle, and what I thought was a Smallville low point. I wouldn't mind just a small mention of her on a Daily Planet headline, like, 'Woman of Wonder saves family' or some other reference to her. And by the way you have a good three years in age over me, but I do try and read my favorite comics weekly.

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