Review; Season 8 Episode 2 - Plastique

Well finally Smallville feels like its back on top form. Lets be honest, season 7 was poor in comparison to what we have come to expect of the Superman serial drama. This weeks episode, Plastique was a great episode. I loved the many interactions between Clark and Lois, which was probably the best part of the episode for me. Seeing Clark being forced to ditch his farm boy image was truly joyous! Especially when he looked so tasty in blue... I personally feel (call me a romantic) that Lois' and Clark's relationship is going to be a major feature this season and its great to see them having those awkward moments every now and then.

Probably my only little moan was that Chloe's relationship with the street kid seemed to me to be a bit forced. But on the whole I liked her character and it seems we will not see the last of her... Any character with a bit of a devious side is always welcome in Smallville, but she seems a little different to the Smallville norm which is a refreshing change. Refreshing seems to be Smallvilles word of the month for me - it almost feels like a different show, but in the best possible way. It is as though all the best things about Smallville have been magnified and surprisingly, losing Lex and Lana has really worked out as a positive move.

I am still weary about Tess Mercer. She sometimes seems so deadly yet there are some conflicting moments. Something tells me though that with her having her eye on Clark we will be able to work her out soon... And again I see foreshadowing of a lot of Lois/Tess showdowns! Lois didn't quite manage to hide the jealousy either... I did see Tess hint at a dark past which is something we will probably learn more about, and I can't say I am not interested.

It was good to see Doomsday being introduced also. I think most are excited to see how that develops. I was itching for him to kiss Chloe more than anything though, anything to get rid of Jimmy please! And so far I find Sam Witwer to be a good choice to play him, however I will rejudge as the season progresses.

Overall, a good episode for me. Like last week there was a lack of action however it was made up for by classic Clark moments. The best one being Clark getting changed in a phone booth! I love how they wrote that in as well, great writing. Lois kept the comedy going too as she always does so there was an equal balance. I'm looking forward to the next installment, and I am delighted that Smallville is truly back.


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Sep 26, 2008 11:12PM EDT

I agree! It really was a great episode. Doomsday Davis was awesome! ;)

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