Funny, heartwarming and addictive... could Private Practice step out of Grey's Anatomy's shadow?

Private Practice is, on paper, the perfect show for me. It follows Addison Montgomery, a world class neo-natal surgeon as she starts a new life in her friends private clinic. Most of us know Addison from Grey's Anatomy, and those that don't... well I don't think it really matters. While I do like Grey's, there was always one major flaw of the show that I couldn't get past - whining Meredith Grey. It seems absurd that you could like a show that has a title character you hate. Yet for me, it is characters like Christina, Izzy, McSteamy and most of all Addison that steals the show. That was why I was excited upon hearing about Private Practice. And in all honesty, it did not disappoint.

While there isn't the action or glamour that Grey's seems to be able to emminate, Private Practice takes a different pace. But, it works. The stories explored are much more focused on the patient then surgeries and procedures. Each week seems to have an ethical dilemia for us the explore. There is also great interactions between the characters, and a lot of potential for all of their backstory to be developed. Addison, while not as strong and independent as in Grey's is struggling to adjust to her knew surroundings, and being the new kid. Private Practice also has hilarity, something I feel Grey's has lacked of late (maybe Kate Walsh took it with her!). Private Practice, in fact seems to have everything a girl needs in a show... eye candy (in the form of the delicious Taye Diggs... although he is no McSteamy), drama, great acting, and even the odd bit of sex. While many may be skeptical about Private Practice, I think once you do give it a chance it is hard not to like.

It is obvious to me that the show hasn't quite stretched its legs yet and reached its full potential... and there certainly is, well potential! I am looking forward to the new season and seeing Kate Walsh back where she belongs... at centre stage.



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