Doctor Who... my review.

I suppose you could call me a newbie Doctor Who fan, as I haven't watched any of the original series... yet you can't really hold that against me - I wasn't born! However, I do feel I can comment on this current season of Doctor Who as I haven't missed an episode.

Doctor Who tells the story of 'The Doctor', a timetraveller who spends his days saving planets and galaxys, and exploring through space and (yes, you guessed it) - time. Yet the Doctor never seems to do this alone, with him he takes a trusty companion. Some of which we have got to know well - Rose, Martha, and Donna. And then theres the Doctor's closest companion, the Tardis, his time machine that looks innocently like a blue Police Box, yet inside is a large, fully functioning space ship.

For me, Doctor Who works well on so many levels. First off there is the stella writing by which we seem to laugh on cue, cry on cue and even hide behind the sofa on cue. In fact it amazes me that even now, in an age were we seem to be desensitized to gore and horror, Doctor Who at times really scares me ('Blink' anyone!?). And it is done in such a way that the whole family can feel the fright. The acting really is top notch also, with big stars making cameos and a regular cast consisting of the amazing David Tennant. The assistants of the Doctor really are no different either with Billy Piper being so fabulous in her role as Rose that the Producers were worried it was becoming 'The Rose Tyler Show' ...We just couldn't get enough!

However, like any show there is the odd flaw atleast it could be construed as such at first... With not the worlds best special effects, Doctor Who does seem a bit lacking when compared with other shows like Heroes or Battlestar Galactica. Yet to me, this isn't really a flaw any more. I like the odd cheesy special effects. I like that Doctor Who doesn't really need to rely on its special effects like other shows seem to. Its not flashy and it isn't something its not. And for Doctor Who, that fits perfectly.

While I have no idea what the next season of Doctor Who holds, what with Donna gone and the Doctor all alone, I always seem to feel a sense of certainty with Doctor Who that it will be amazing. I groaned when they changed Doctors and I cursed when Billie Piper left, yet here I am, still a huge fan of the show. I have grown to trust the production team, I know that really they are the show. And so, I am sure the next season of Doctor Who will be as good as ever...


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Oct 21, 2008 10:39PM EDT

nice review, and I totally agree on every point.
: )

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