Paradox Pilot

This is going to be just a short review of the pilot episode of Paradox.

Paradox follows a scientist studying solar flairs and 3 police detectives. The plot is that images and downloaded from a unknown source to the scientists computer network that is studying the solar flairs. The team works together to uncover and prevent what is found in the photos. When i first heard of this I was skeptical but was pleasantly surprised when I watched it.

The shows plot seems to be a good one and keep me entertained the whole way through. However the show is not perfect by any means. The character development is poor and virtually not even there, but the show remains a entertaing one. Would I recommend you watch this? Yes. Is it a smash hit? no. But is very much worth the time to watch.


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Dec 24, 2009 4:36AM EST

Wow, you watched the Pilot episode and you're already under the impression you have the right to make a judgement call on character development? What show has blatant character development in it's Pilot episode? Good lord.

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