Review of Stargate Atlantis

Well from a spin-off to season's now Stargate Atlantis has become a popular Sci-fi tv show.

The story line in a nutshell:

For a long time the lanteans had been at war with the warith(evil enemy) soo as they where losing they decided to submerge under water to save it,

Atlantis expedition crew rose it from the vast depth ocean of the planet and started the the unknown wraith war!

The characters have great roles in this show like

Teyla- she has a bold personality and a evil side for killing the wraith.

The wraith i have to say are a Enemy with he most evil side in the Pegasus galaxy which need human life to survive other characters you need to see to enjoy are 'Carson Beckket' and 'John Sheppard'.

The city scenery is the most beautiful out of all the alien buildings i have ever seen in the Stargate series. and most of all the aliens!!!

Overall: ***** Stars


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