Gossip Gold?

Gossip Goers! We all know that, prior to this episode the writers had hit a ditch (Chuck and Vanessa, seriously??!?!) yes it was pretty obvious that they were slightly lost, I mean some episodes made no head way at all!! BUT now, after Southern... I think i have new found faith, and writers puh-lease don't let us down! I heard that they have signed up to do MANY more seasons, and if they throw storylines like those middle episodes around, it will not only be boringly predictable but just plain boring!!!

So, am I alone in thinking this? Also, I read an interview were it was mentioned that Serena and Nate are most likely NEVER going to happen, bet you've got thoughts about that!


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May 3, 2009 5:21PM EDT

I don't understand... are you saying that the whole "Chuck and Vanessa" thing was BAD or GOOD for the show? I thought that it was pretty interesting actually, scandalous...which is the shows' origin...

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