Crap Pants

I had been waiting for this movie for quite a while, and after I heard that it wasn't airing in Australia but instead going straight to DVD (aka the movie was pretty bad so we're just ushering it stylishly out of the big screen) I decided to watch it on the internet.

I ashamedly loved the first movie, and was super excited to watch the next one even though i heard that they were squeezing 2,3 and 4 into one movie, still EXCITED!!!

Then i watched the movie.

And jeeeish, yeah it was pretty bad, at one point I wanted to skip bits and even began returning to my books to finish studying ( I KNOW, DISGRACEFUL). I won't give away too much of the disasterous plot, the lame jokes, the massacre of the books or the triple helping of cheese that we got. What I will say is that D-A-M-N the boys were goodlooking, so for if nothing else but being a devoted sister of the sisterhood, perve on some of the eye-candy oh and you can also ruse boys into watching it too for the chicks....

1.5 out of 5 berries for me.




Default avatar cat
Nov 8, 2008 12:19AM EST

good lordy lord. i cannot agree more. kinda upsetting though. i thought the second and third book was pretty gd. if they had just gone with the books..itll be even better. i skipped alot in the movie. :( painful, i know.

Default avatar cat
Nov 9, 2008 12:32PM EST

where did u watch it?i cant find it anywhere, but i have heard its rubbish, so i dont want to have to buy the dvd to watch it...

Default avatar cat
Nov 11, 2008 1:56AM EST

most of the links are down below under the 'full movie' section like megavideo is quite good..

Large newrachelimage
Dec 9, 2008 5:47PM EST

I HATED how they all had their own little individual plots that were kind of just thrown away for everyone to go to Greece and deal with Lena...the most boring storyline of the bunch!

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