Hazza for Harry!!

Finally, we are given a movie which ( though obviously not as good as the books because lets face it the movie would have to be say at least 4 hours long to capture it all) was not crap! The teenage 'distractions' were captured really well, and showed how much the actors have matured, the jealousy scene could have been a WHOLE lot worse.

The graphics were amazing! Characters were portrayed well, although I must say a lot of emphasis was given to Ol' Sluggy, and not too much to our friend Voldy! We were shortchanged his history, which to non-readers, will be difficult to pick up on.

Oh and the Harry and Ginny kiss was a bit lame.

Other than that, can't wait for the next two ( remember the last book is coming out in 2 parts).

3.5 out of 5 berries for me!!


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