Fug fug FUGLY!!!

Yes, so the movie is bad!

Though to expand a bit... the jokes were just painstaking to sit through, you know those times where you know the producer has left a tinsy gap for you to laugh without missing dialogue, but it just does not tickle any bone in your body?! yes well this movie is full of it. I would have been happy to laugh to free my self of the 'comedy' ahead. Please invest your $13 in to another cause, any cause seriously, Give it to me if you want to waste it. It is predictable, guess who gets with who...omg is it the main actor and actress? i'll leave that one for you guys to ponder.

I know it was meant to be a movie that girls would not have to drag their boyfriends to, but it ended up being a movie I had to force not only my boyfriend but myself to finish watching.

1.5 berries outta 5 for me.


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