"The Fight"

The Fight as got to be one of my favourite episodes of HIMYM ever. It was full on laugh out loud funny the hole way though. But it was more that the stuff that made my laugh that made it a legen… what for it… dary episode, it was all the little ester eggs they added from past episodes. Like the flash back to college where there “eating the sandwich.� Also love the fact there building up “The Goat� over the last couple of episodes. There isn’t one HIMYM fan who isn’t looking forward to the long awaited story. I personally thought they missed it out because of the writers strike. Also I am really interested to see how they handle the lightsarber bit at the end of the episode if HIMYM does go on for another 3-5 seasons, assuming a season is a year. Witch personally I hope it does and has many more seasons after. Overall 15/10 absolutely loved it.


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