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Smallville Goes Up In The Ratings!

From 2.3 million viewers last episode (Rabid) it has now surged to 2.62 million viewers in the lastest episode (Echo). It has surpassed its previous partner on the CW Supernatural which debuted at 2.57 million viewers!

It has also increased from the 0.9 demo to 1.1!


| 06:54 EDT, 19 Oct, 2009
i think thats great news i think its had a bad start with 2 episodes and to follow up with a great episode im glad it made me smile to know smallville had a better rating than the previous weeks episode its just a great turn out and hope this is a sign that people will start watching it more its a great show if ya love superman your gonna love smallville
| 02:20 EDT, 19 Oct, 2009
yes!!!! that's an awesome news! and FYI: Smallville will have season 10.. Tom already signed up.
| 22:55 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
agreed one happy smallville fan here
| 20:38 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
Good news. And yeah this season has so far been heavily focused on Clois, which is a great thing.
| 15:58 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
That's great! All that Clois action is really generating more interest in the series...though I wonder if it'll last once they actually get together...After season 7, (IMHO a debacle) S8 and S9 have really been a great improvement! Here's to a Smallville Season 10!
| 15:30 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
Awesome news!
| 12:29 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
This is great news, b/c I love Smallville, and to hear about it's ratings going up is extremely good news. I just hope it continues this way so their could be the possibility of a 10th season; I'm really not ready to see the show end yet, especially when it's getting really good.
| 11:32 EDT, 18 Oct, 2009
This is insane since they moved the day from Thursday to Friday AND Lana, Lionel, Lex and Martha Kent are all gone! Still good though!

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