THE MIDDLE ''Back to School'' Review Season 2, Episode 1

Frankie (Patricia Heaton) turning over a new leaf and getting organized goes about as well as you'd expect in the Back to School episode of THE MIDDLE. A chaotic first day of school convinces her that she needs to start getting ahead of issues, so she fills her freezer with brownies for future bake sales, gets oldest son Axel an alarm clock, and meets with Brick's new teacher before being called in.

Frankie always has the best intentions and her inevitable failures never fail to amuse. Axel's dance of horror at the beeping coming from his alarm clock is great, as is everyone's Grandma? reaction when they smell bacon cooking. The office white board is a miss, but Frankie giving Axel a can of corn for a food drive and ordering him to not use it as fake vomit makes me giggle.

Poor Sue Sue Heck, and, yes, Sue really is Sue's middle name, which explains a lot. Sue is so proud of finally being a part of a team that she rambles about cross-country whenever and wherever possible and causes an eight girl pile-up when she overheats in her heavy sweatshirt and passes out at a pep rally. Only Sue would be thrilled to make it into the school paper for that.

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