My favorite movie EVER!

Ok this was the most pleasant suprise of a show/movie I have ever seen. It immediately was favorite movie ever and I have seen it many many times. It takes you to a world of fantasy with a devilishly attractive wolf (scott cohen) and the trolls are like the three stooges, sooo funny. I cant begin to describe how much I love this movie. It is amazing. Be careful if you are going to buy it! Some of the published versions are missing up to 10 minutes of the film. (Like the VHS version is 10-15 mns shorter than the DVD) This got way more coverage in the UK but still had a US run but got literally no advertising so not many people were aware of it. Tony (the dad played by john laroquette dunno how to spell that) is a great character as well. This movie takes you to so many different places and the visuals are stunning. You re-live all of your childhood fairy tales in a grown up way. This movie is okay for young ones to watch, but they wont pick up on all the little innuendos (which you would) I seriousyl seriously loooovvvvveeee this movie and watch it over and over even though it is around 7 hours long :o)


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