Suprise, Surprise...It's Grow Up Time (Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 4: "Time to Let Go")

Funny Money

All that money made Tay lose touch with reality in this epi. He went from chillin in his "tricked out room," playing video games, and producing music on a split screen in his mind, to buying a pool table and an attic full of stuff with his friend's brother's credit card, as an advance on his newfound inheritance. Tay is always getting into something...he keeps things fun though. I will say that Mishon Ratliff can sing...I heard him sing on the show in past, but I didn't know he had an album out until I came across him on youtube last week.

Charles's surprised act was funny. When an ecstatic Cassie told him about the bag of money someone left on their porch, he was like "Wow" and had this cute look of surprise and amusement, but that look changed when Cassie told him her dad dropped the loot off at the precinct. Poor Charles...he tries to do the right thing (many months too late, but still...), yet he can't he can't seem to avoid police scrutiny- first Mack's death and now this...and the sin that beats all is that he never told Cassie a thing about it, but he told know that's going to come back to bite him in the but-tocks.

Lizzie's Project/Build-A-Bear Boyfriend

Lizzie's got a new project: a little kid, Gabriel, who's had problems fitting in at the LH Outreach Club. He mostly speaks Spanish, so there's a bit of a communication barrier. Also, looks like she got a little more than she bargained for with that teddy bear she was going to repair for about build-a-bear: turns out this bear was built with some white "stuff" on the inside, and I'm not talking about the fluffy kind. Poor Lizzie...every time she tries to help out, she runs into trouble. Well, at least she wasn't kidnapped like she was in the first season...I thought that's where things were going when we saw her walking the mean streets in this epi...either that or those guys were going to knock her unconscious or something. Anyway, I'm guessing the reward for all her good-doing is a new boyfriend. That's where new cutie on the block, Andy, comes in. He's also working at the LH Outreach Club, and it turns out that he goes to Lizzie's new high school and he speaks fluent Spanish, so he can help Lizzie learn. Looks like this little connection is Chassie Jr. in the making...I wonder how popular they'll end up being. I don't know if they'll make it to Chassie's fan-love level...I mean, can a show strike couple's gold twice? We shall see...anyway, hopefully Lizzie will let Andy walk her home next in that area, and attracting drama as she does, Lizzie needs all the protection she can get.

Fast Cars & Steamy Nights

Ok, it was one night, but boy oh boy did Chassie get it on (as much as the PG rating would allow). Let me start at the beginning: Charles found out his mom had been hiding a letter his dad sent him, when he was two, and decided to contact him. Turns out his dad is a hot shot attorney and is pretty well-off and wants to see him. Charles wants to go, but is apprehensive about going alone and wants Cassie to go with him. Of course, her parents aren't on board with their teenage daughter going on an overnight trip with her boyfriend, but Cassie decides to assert her independence, pre-graduation, and go anyway. So, off Chassie goes on their road trip to meet long-lost daddy. His father has the perfect little family, with a picture perfect wife, son, and home, and wouldn't you know it? He and Junior are working on restoring a vintage Jag. What does Charles think? Well, Charles is a car-guy and has restored a '65 Mustang...Dad, you don't need to know that he banged it up, in a jealous rage, when he thought Cassie was too preoccupied w/art and that hot coffee shop owner, Luc, but he does have the pictures for his design portfolio. Well Junior doesn't need a portfolio, daddy exclaims, this is just a hobby we're doing for fun and he's going to Harvard. I detect a bit of competition and condescension Pop? Methinks I see the perfect daddy picture beginning to crumble...there's got to be something wrong with those people, though, b/c they seem as if they're right out of that movie "Pleasantville." Maybe Charles's mom isn't completely off about his dad's "concern" for him...I mean, they did just hook up one summer when she was a camp counselor, and he only wrote one letter in 15 yrs. I don't want Charles to be hurt...after all he's been through with his mother and (thankfully deceased) perverted, racist, jail-bait step-dad, he needs a happy break. We'll see what happens...

Ok, so back to the hotness...

So, Chassie gets to their hotel room and they talk about how nice his family is- they even remind Charles of the Suttons...he never thought he'd have that, but as Cassie says, he deserves it. Meanwhile, Cassie's parents can't even enjoy their evening together, because they can't stop thinking about Cassie & Charles together in some hotel in San Diego. Ah well, good thing Chassie's not preoccupied with thoughts of their parents...instead, we see Charles come out of the bathroom, after a steamy hot shower, shirtless and with a smile on his face (this was how I looked : D )...Cassie, sitting on the bed in a tank and shorts, makes the first move by telling Charles that, although she told her parents they'd get a room with two beds, that didn't mean they had to use both of them (hint hint, wink wink ; )...besides, sharing one would be better for the environment (lol). Charles wants to know if she's sure that she's ready to "share"'s been awhile, but Cassie is ready for some lovey-lovey, kiss-kiss with her man. Well, that's all Charles needs to know...the light goes out and the lovin (I mean, sharing) in the twin bed begins (this is a PG review too, so sorry folks, lol...) We see the two lovebirds the next morning: Charles is smiling, as he holds Cassie in his arms and watches her sleep. She wakes up, and as they bask in the glow of their love, they wish they could be together forever, lalala...but back to the real world: Detective Dad, Eddie, has figured out that the money came from their attic and that Charles is the thief-turned-Robin Hood. Ruh-roh...he's gonna have h*** to pay when he gets back. It's a good thing Charles has decided to stay with the perfect people for awhile...Cassie is sad to leave, and Charles is sad to be apart from her, but they both know that he needs this. I didn't like the fact that Charles sent her back on the bus, rather than driving her home, but in the spirit of "not having him face the music in this epi," I understand why the writers made that choice. I wonder what Cassie's reaction will be when her dad tells her about her honey's connection to that money...I hope they don't break up over this...if so, I (& all the Chassie-lovers) will be : (.

Growin' Up Is Hard To Do

I guess Cassie was expecting an earful when she got home, but instead she got ignored, as her father walked past her to go upstairs without even looking at her face, and her mother's back was turned to her. I think the angry, silent-treatment approach was the best one to take in this situation, b/c Cassie thinks she's grown now (and she almost is), and obviously, is determined to do what she wants...I think her parents' "I'm so angry and disappointed in you that I won't even look at you and speak to you" response had more impact than a tongue-lashing and grounding would have, b/c now she knows she has lost her parents the look on her face, at the end, I think Cassie would have preferred the regular round of punishment. Her choice forced her parents to accept that she's not a little girl anymore, and their response indicates that things can't go back to the way they were. There's a certain comfort in being the kid, and I think Cassie just felt that slip away...oh well, you got what you wanted, eh, Cassie? Now it's time to grow up...

Other Stuff:

That food burglar s/l was pretty random...I wonder if he's someone the Suttons know or if the "burglar bandit" was just a plot point for this epi. Since he didn't get caught, though, I'm guessing we'll be hearing from him again...maybe he'll turn out to be someone interesting...hopefully.

Lizzie's new friend, Andy, was the cute kid from "Maid In Manhattan" and other, time flies...I knew he looked familiar but just couldn't place my finger on who he was...Oh, and the cute karate instructor/jr. staff member at the LH Club played on Young & The Restless this season...I don't know if he's still up there, b/c I haven't really been keeping up, but I knew his face looked familiar...anyways, be back next week!


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