Aww...Puck & Rachel : (

Ok, so I know it's supposed to be all about Finn & Rachel and Puck & Quinn (and I'm cool with that), but I was actually hoping Puck & Rachel would have lasted beyond one episode. Why couldn't Finn & Quinn pine over Puckberry some more? Honestly, I was slightly annoyed when Rachel saw Finn's face as they were making out...maybe it's because I think Puck is hotter, and after all the longing Rachel has had for Finn (and he's still with Quinn), I think Rachel should have been allowed to enjoy the warm & fuzzies with someone else for a bit. I was also annoyed at Quinn's love-gaze during Puck's serenade to Rachel. She shot him down b/c he wasn't good enough, and now that he shows affection to someone else, she's all starry-eyed. Whatever. I was looking forward to Puck connecting with Rachel a bit more, but I suppose he did show his softer side in her tribute song (though it was done under the premise of proving himself worthy to get in her pants), and he is Puck, so I didn't expect him to turn into a marshmallow or anything, but still...

I enjoyed the epi overall: there were definitely some laughs and fun song & dance sequences (enjoyed watching Will "Bust A Move" with the Gleeks; Will & Sue's swing dance number was awesome; and Emma sang beautifully during her sweet dance with Will in the bridal shop), but I was a little disappointed at the end. Will and Emma had another "parting moment" (Whyyyy?!!! These two are killin me softly...) and Rachel ended things with Puck just as, I felt, he was at the point of opening up a bit. I think he was hard and cold with her because she hurt him, and that's been his way of protecting himself (at least, that's what I want to believe, because I'm hoping he's more than a one-dimensional character). Perhaps the writers didn't want to keep them together very long because they're not "the" couple, and didn't want people to get too attached to them and lose sight of Rachel & Finn, but honestly, I felt teased with this whole Puckberry union. I'm hoping they haven't completely dropped the idea, and that there is more to come on this front in future epis...we shall see.

Are there any more Puckberry lovers out there who feel my pain? Any Wemma-shippers? Sound off here...



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Oct 22, 2009 1:10PM EDT

I agree, and was acualy hoping Puckberry would be together for a while.

Oct 22, 2009 3:58PM EDT

Yep, agreed. I love Puck to death, I don't know why. Hes just so handsome and bad... Mmmm. But anyway, Finn is sweet and all, but Puck and Rachels relationship was over too fast, one moment I was like, "Yay they seem happy together, and shes all hugging him cause he came back to Glee instead of going to practice!" And then the next I was like "Wait, whyyyyyyyy are you breaking up with him now? He's gorgeous! FINN IS WITH QUINN. Heh, that rhymed... But... I digress."
Sigh. That's been the only downfall of the whole season so far. Puck is an amazing singer too! I think he's a bit better than Finn too.

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Oct 22, 2009 8:47PM EDT

Yeah TallKing and KanaKatasrophe, I hope tptb/the writers understand that this epi has spawned a new couple with a significant following, and that it may be worth it to explore a new angle. Maybe Rachel & Finn can get together sometime next season or something, but for me, Puck is where it's at. I agree that Puck is fine and the whole "bad boy" persona does make him interesting...he can sing and play the guitar- a fact that no one at the school knew- and I'm thinking that there's more to him than meets the eye. I think he's one of those softies with a hard candy-coating : )
I agree...this was the first epi that I was actually disappointed at the end. Heck, keep Finn & Quinn together for awhile...why does everything have to be resolved this season? If they do that, then what will be left to explore next season? I do want them to pull the rug from underneath Terri though...I want to see her go down soon. I am so looking forward to Will finding out, b/c she's going to have h*ll to pay...

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Oct 22, 2009 10:50PM EDT

I couldn´t agree more Starry! Even though I´m firmly in the 'Rachel & Finn should end up 2gether' camp, I was oddly fascinated with this coupling and Puck is very ´badboy with hidden substance´ attractive! And it really should have lasted at least one more episode, if for nothing else than to get Finn and Quinn madly jealous!Plus, Puckberry just seem adorable but maybe it was just 2 much of a character stretch, to fall for the boy that´s spent a big chunk of his highschool time throwing slushees at u! I don´t think I would! Oh well....can´t wait for November 11th!

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Oct 23, 2009 4:44PM EDT

I really like Puckberry, and I hope to see more to them.. I really think they could be good to each other, give each other some opposition.. There would be some play, - fun to watch :) Maybe is just the dream about the badboy, who opens up and changes for a girl.. Like Chuck Bass changes for Queen B.. Hmm.. I don't know.. It would maybe also open the eyes for Quinn and make her realise what a great person Puck could be.. I definitely hope to see more of Puckberry in the future..I agree with starry, that everything don't have to be resolve in this season.. so let Puck and Rachael play a little bit together this season..

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Oct 23, 2009 9:18PM EDT

I'm oddly fascinated w/them too, gustag, b/c I didn't really expect them to happen, but now, I want Puckberry to give 'em somethin to talk about! Finn & Quinn should have to pine over them too. I agree Jmeyer: let Puck & Rachel have a lil' playtime this season... : )
P.S. You just mentioned one of my favorite characters on TV: Chuck Bass. I <3 him for real...

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Oct 24, 2009 10:47PM EDT

i hate the writers for flaunting puckberry in my face because to tell you the truth... Down with rachel and finn! i like finn and quin and rachel and puck. i wish rachel and puck were the item couple from the start, because after all, they did the whole "chocolate and bacon, fottball and gleeclub" thing they might of symbolically meant they wud bring puck and rachel back in the future. but maybe not "they are two great songs, but they dont belong together." ugh. to morals equal confusion!

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Oct 25, 2009 3:09PM EDT

Yeah graciee12, I feel punked by the whole thing. Maybe they tried it to test the audience's reaction to them b4 continuing along those lines...I hope that's the case. I took the conversation b/w Will & Emma, about the songs not going together, to be in reference to Ken & Emma- they are completely mismatched. Puck & Rachel can definitely work if the writers want them to...I don't like how they ff'd through their romance so quickly. Puck actually chose Glee over football & you know Rachel had something to do with that...I think there's something there to work with. Since they got me all worked up about Puckberry, I'm not even interested in Finn & Rachel at the moment, and definitely not Puck & Quinn...Finn & Quinn need to pay penance by pining for awhile ; |

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Oct 25, 2009 11:57PM EDT

everything happens and is resolved in one episodeits kind of annoying

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Oct 28, 2009 8:26PM EDT

Hear, hear...

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Oct 30, 2009 3:05PM EDT

I totally love Rachel with Puck. I agree that the star couple should have been Rachel and Puck. They look so great together. Their relationship should have lasted more than one episode. This storyline would have been very fascinating. I hope in the future there is more Rachel and Puck!

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Oct 30, 2009 9:30PM EDT

I agree hplucky3...given a fair shot (more epis and a good, developing s/l), these two could easily be the star couple. I think there's much to explore with Puck & Rachel as individual characters and seeing how their coupling brings out different aspects of themselves (that they weren't even aware of or hadn't given much attention) would be interesting.

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Nov 5, 2009 8:55PM EST

I agree and I'm really glad to see that someone else feels the same way that I do about this. I didn't think that I would have liked Puck and Rachel together, but something just clicked inside of me when I saw them together for the first time... The connection between Puck and Rachel is just so much stronger than it is with her and Finn. Not only is the chemistry hotter between the two, but Puck's voice is stronger and seems like it would be able to hold it's ground against Rachel's. Finn's voice just always seems to stay below the surface in their songs... Never quite reaching where it's supposed to be. When Puck sang Sweet Caroline for Rachel, it honestly made me swoon.
Their relationship also seems to hold the potential to be something deeper and more... what's the word? ...real than I've seen with Finn. There's something almost shallow in the relationship between Rachel and Finn. And yes, I understand that Puck was only with Rachel in the first place to "get in her pants," and that's not exactly deep, but maybe he's been attracted to Rachel all along and only when they were tossed together by chance did he realize that. Just because Finn and Rachel are expected to be together doesn't mean they should be... I'm not Anti-Finn, because he's a great character, but he fits with Quinn much more so than Puck.Anyhoo, I'm Team Puckberry. All the way. I think that Puck and Rachel could bring the best out in each other... And quite frankly, I'm a sucker for guys with mohawks... hehe. ;)

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Nov 6, 2009 5:21PM EST

Oh yeah...the writers shouldn't have even teased us w/Puck & Rachel if they weren't going to give them a proper go of it...I'm hoping that given the fan response in favor of the pairing, the writers will focus more on developing their relationship. A TVGuide article was posted earlier this week (in Sidereel's Glee news section), that featured an interview with Mark Salling in which he pretty much said the same thing, so it seems he's a Puckberry fan too : )
I definitely agree w/you that Puck & Rachel seem to have the potential for something more substantial...something that would transform the both of them in positive ways, whereas, I think Finn & Rachel is more of a crush situation- the same goes for Puck & Quinn. So we may see those pairings together, but I think that, ultimately, the true loves are Puckberry & the Twinns (my name for Quinn & Finn for now since I haven't been able to come up w/anything else lol...feel free to share if you think of one : )
I agree with you skwiesest, something just clicked when I saw those two together, as well. They look great together, and I think their personalities would keep the relationship interesting and their talent would mesh well...I would love to hear them sing a duet together. What they've got is h-o-t HOT, and as great as the rest of the cast is, I would tune in every week just to see these two. And oh yes, Puck's rendition of "Sweet Caroline" comes to my mind often and puts a smile on my face...
If you're tired of waiting for the show to put the spotlight on our two lovebirds, you may want to check out the Glee fanfic on and do a search for Rachel B and Puck. They've got some great Puckberry tales up there that I wish the show writers would take a look at...
I hadn't really cared for the mohawk on anyone since Mr. T, but Puck made me a believer again, lol. I saw that as his signature look, but he's cut it off now : ( It's ok, though, b/c he is still H O T : P

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Nov 16, 2009 12:52AM EST

We may have a lil something to look forward to on the Puckberry EOnline article indicated that TPTB have heard the fans, so we'll see what they've got in store for us. I'm glad Emma is going to be back on this week...I think Wemma is so cute. It will be interesting to see Rachel crushing on Will in this week's epi...she's never given any indication that she liked him, but I can see how singing "My Endless Love" would do the trick.

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