Wow, That Was...Not Good... ("Frenzy," Season 2, Episode 11) *UPDATED*

Ok, my fellow True Blood fans may not agree with me, but I've got to say it: this epi was the WORST True Blood episode that I believe I've seen. Maybe I've been spoiled by the quality of the show overall, but the writing, direction, and much of the acting in this episode was downright horrible. Here's the Good, Bad, Ugly...and the Crazy about "Frenzy":

The Good: Eric, Lafayette & The Vampire Crew* (now w/Jason & Andy : )

The best scenes in this epi were those with Eric and/or Lafayette in them, and if they had just clipped those together* and aired them, that would have been better than the entirety of this episode. Speaking of Eric, what is he doing? Recruiting for his new vampire posse or something? Between Sookie & Lafayette, he is really laying it on thick with all the vampire recruitment visions. It's fun though, and I'm so glad that, at least, we had him & Lafayette to make the show watchable. Eric creeped me out again, though: last week, it was how he looked just before attacking Sookie's neck, and this week it was him with the kids (who were cute & funny btw...esp the lil boy) ...but he's a vampire (I know) and those scenes were a mix of humor and creepiness, which is to be expected on this show, so... Oh, btw, I'm glad Pam is back...she was funny, as usual. Did I mention that Eric was looking Sharp & Sexy, suited up like that, and that I am so happy to see him back in full effect this week? Because he was and I am... : )

*UPDATE: I originally wrote this after having experienced considerable difficulty in getting to watch the epi (finally did after 1 am this morning), and all this after the regular one week, having read and watched promos for the Queen's intro for almost the past month, and having read last week that Alan Ball was actually writing this episode, to say that I was eagerly anticipating it would be an understatement. I was tired, but finally the long-awaited moment came...THEN, to have those Queen scenes at the beginning and a weak show, overall, I was p*$$ed off, to say the least. After getting some rest & watching it (a better copy) again this evening, I was able to appreciate some more of the humor in the episode...namely Jason & Andy's, so I would have to add their scenes to the aforementioned clip : )

The Bad: The Queen

Un. im. pressed. I know the character was supposed to be eccentric and decadent, but her acting left MUCH to be desired. I will say that the wardrobe/design/photography people did a fantastic job for those scenes, b/c they were visually stunning. It turns out the pics and buildup for the queen and her court were better than the actual scenes themselves, a whole, they were pretty anticlimactic and boring. I felt sorry for Bill (and Stephen Moyer) for being stuck there, and would have to say that he was the best thing about them. Next to the queen, the quality of his acting really stood out...the disparity b/w the two was painfully obvious...oh, and did I mention that Bill looked Hot when he was lounging by that pool? Because he did...

The Ugly*: Maryann the Maened

Talking about my disdain for, and weariness of, Maryann's presence on the show has become cliche, so I won't say any more about it this week...other than what I just said, that is...I have to say, though, her scenes just make me go "Ugh"...ok, that was it...

*Btw, I am referring to the character's evil ways and overexposure, not the actress's looks...Michelle Forbes is, obviously, a beautiful person.

The CrAzY: Tara's Crazy Love & Other Loony Toon Adventures (The Big 'Ole Egg too)

I understand the concept of "standing by your man," but I have to say, her going back to that witch with just her love & good intentions was the most dumba** thing she could have done...Sookie was right on when she told her she was being an f'ing idiot. Speaking of Tara & Sookie, there was a bit of overacting with them this week, but it wasn't unlike that of others in this epi...maybe it was the direction, but there was definitely something SERIOUSLY OFF about the overall quality of the show this week. Speaking of crazy, the scenes w/Maryanne's loony toon minions was overkill this week...I mean c'mon...enough already.

And how could I POSSIBLY forget the icing on top of all this lunacy? In the end, we see Tara & Benedict joyfully building a nest around this humongous egg in the middle of the bed. What. the. h*!!? This s/l has definitely gone off the deep end (I wonder, though, if this is the spawn of Maryann and Sam...remember they mated? That'd be a pretty long gestation period, but they are supernatural...and, really, how could that possibility be any crazier than the rest of this wacky s/l?).

Other Thoughts*: I loved the standoff b/w Bill & Eric...can we say Hotness? I'm glad they gave Bill some leverage against Eric, b/c they had been making him look like a punk for a while this season, and that is not sexy. I hope Hoyt goes back to Jessica...I know she bit his mom, but honestly, she deserved it...turns out, she is one horrible person. Andy & Jason did the best they could with the crap writing they got for this epi, but honestly, even they couldn't turn crap into Christmas...(I know, I know...I couldn't come up w/anything else : )

*As I stated in the update, I was a little PO'd after watching this the first time. Also, the recording I watched missed the last 6-7 minutes of the epi, so I missed the Eric/Bill standoff initially. After watching this a second time, I realized that Jason did have some pretty good lines, and although Andy didn't get to exercise his funny chops as much as he has been, I did enjoy their as I pretty much said before, while they did a great job with what they were given to work with, they still weren't able to change the fact that the overall epi was Craptastic.

Bottom Line: I expected better from you Alan Ball (Mr. True Blood creator, producer, and writer of this shotty episode) ...a whole lot better.



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Aug 31, 2009 3:27PM EDT

The more that I think about it, the more I agree.
I mean, I used to love Tara's character, but now she's very...whiny. I'd like to tear the mouth off her face.
Bill was my favorite this episode and there wasn't much of him. In fact, there hasn't been much Bill lately. I know that in the books, Bill is a shady character and all, but I like him more than Eric (not by much) in the show. (I haven't read the books--I tried, but the first person POV is a turn off. It usually is unless written exceptionally this case, it's not).
Really, we need more of that intense Anna/Stephen chemistry. :(
I have to say, I'm loving Jason and Andy more and more every week. They are the comic relief. It used to be Lafayette (and still kind of is), but he's evolving as a character, but darker than expected.
Am I the only one who expected the queen to have an accent? :I
I might upset a lot of people when I say this, but I hope Sookie and Bill stay together. I've heard some things about the books, and I'd rather not see Sookie turn into a supernatural whore.
'Nuff said.

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Aug 31, 2009 4:05PM EDT

I still like Tara's character, but the writing for her, around the time she & Eggs first discussed his amnesia, started spinning its wheels and got less interesting each fact, I think that's exactly what happened to the entire Maryann s/l, and around the same time frame. Also, I love Sam, but he got boring after he flew the cuckoo's nest the 2nd time...all in all, I blame the writers.
Maybe an accent would have made the queen a little more interesting...
Hmm...I like Bill & Eric. They're both appealing in their own way: Bill, the good vamp, and Eric, the bad (although, Eric's dark side concerns me a little sometimes). Part of me likes Bill with Sookie, especially if they let him retain his manhood from here on out, and stop putting in him in these situations where it seems he can do absolutely NOTHING; but the other part of me really enjoys the idea of Eric & Sookie, b/c they are HOT together, having, as you said, some pretty intense chemistry. Also, I like the idea of Sookie helping to smooth out some of the 'bad boy' vamp's rough edges.
If associating with Eric is going to turn Sookie darker & Lafayette, even darker than he already was, I don't know if I like them being around him so much. Regarding Lafayette, though, that may be part of the character arc they have chosen for him...perhaps his seeing the dark side will help him to truly see the light.
Supernatural whore...LOL...good one : )

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Aug 31, 2009 4:44PM EDT

I was so bored by the queen. I think that was True Blood's one and only casting mistake. Evan Rachel Wood is not, for lack of a better word, "edgy" or talented enough for this one.

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Aug 31, 2009 4:59PM EDT

To-tally agree with you...I'm not familiar with her other work, so I did not know what to expect, other than what the promos built up. I was disappointed, b/c, like you, I expected someone edgy and that commanded respect...definitely should have cast someone who could play the layers in this character, b/c I'm guessing that she's supposed to be complex- not dry, ditzy, and boring. Unfortunately, I think they went with looks on this one.

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Aug 31, 2009 6:15PM EDT

It's true that they went with looks for the queen--I mean, I doubt they had to use a lot of makeup on her, ERW is naturally pale...and I mean really pale. ( I heard she was great in The Wrestler. I have yet to see it, but I am a Darron Aronofsky fan).
I like the Eric/Sookie relationship, but more as an off-to-the-side thing. Not the full-blown lovin' kind. I usually am torn between two pairings, but in this case, I'm leaning more towards Bill/Sookie, partly because of the stellar acting but also because they make such a nice couple.
I guess I prefer Eric to be sexually ambiguous (for the longest while, I thought he was gay).

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Aug 31, 2009 9:46PM EDT

I was also bored by the queen. ERW looks the part but she didn't give me any sense that she'd been around for thousands of years. Very disappointing. I'm also ready for them to wrap up the maenad story.

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Aug 31, 2009 9:47PM EDT

It was cool to see Hadley though!

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Aug 31, 2009 10:38PM EDT

What is going on in the next episode. Does Sam get his heart cut out, or did it just look that way. The episode was alright, the show sometimes has boring parts like Bill in the 1920s, I wanted to fast forward. Personally, I think Eric is hot, and I'd like to see him and Sookie. I never was that fond of Bill, kindof dorky, and barking orders at her, like give me your wrist turned me off. Jason is cute, and his parts with Andy are the best. I didn't expect Lafayette to turn. I agree, Tara was the smart one, I loved her sarcasm, now she's another Zombie. 2 weeks is along time to wait for the next episode. Does anyone know when Season 3 will be starting?

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Aug 31, 2009 11:14PM EDT

Dariya, in poking around about Evan prior to this epi, I also saw some positive comments about her. I may check out The Wrestler, just to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe she will do better in future epi's, but she didn't make a good first impression. About the accent, you're right...isn't she supposed to be the "Queen of Louisiana?" She should have sounded like a Southern aristocrat, not northern...and she didn't even do that well...she almost sounded valley-girlish/teen-agey at times. Regarding Eric/Sookie, I'm curious to see where their relationship goes...I have doubts about its longevity though, b/c of Eric's nature...his tendency towards the dark side of things may be more than even his love for (curiosity with?) Sookie could overcome...I don't even think he wants to overcome it.
Gracieq915, is Hadley Sookie's cousin? Is she in the book? (Thanks for not sharing spoilers though : )
Anniea1234, I agree those 1920's flashbacks were BORING...I think I disliked Bill's maker almost as much as I do Maryann...I didn't think Lafayette would turn either! I read some comments a few weeks ago, that indicated Eric's vampire blood in him basically made him immune to her mind-control...guess that's not the case. Yes, I want the old Tara back, seriously...this weak, whiny version is not cool at all...I read somewhere that Season 3 may, actually, be starting up in November, but I'm not sure...

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Sep 1, 2009 12:03AM EDT

Hadley is Sookie's cousin and she is in the book. :)

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Sep 1, 2009 9:02AM EDT

I am so glad I wasn't the only person to feel this way about this awful episode. And it saddens me to know that Alan Ball wrote it.

Sep 1, 2009 10:41AM EDT

I admit it was a pretty weak episode. I was so hyped up when they announce Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne. I actually really like her as an actor (Sometimes), but I really had a hard believing that she is the Vampire queen of Louisiana. Sure you need some personality in your character, but the thing is the character end up acting like a little immature kid(to be honest!).

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Sep 1, 2009 11:16AM EDT

i totally agree, this episode was the weakest of all in this season, i was very dissapointed..

Sep 1, 2009 2:58PM EDT

iam getting bored of the same old story line and if i get bored i switch off so if this does not end soon trueblood will be off my playlist change the record already

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Sep 1, 2009 4:21PM EDT

Thanks gracieq915 : ) I want to read the books, but have been hesitant to b/c I love to be surprised...I'm thinking that the 1st book (maybe the 2nd) should be okay to read now, since the 2nd season is ending.
I was thinking the same thing Princess-Pernicious...I know some fans would be ready to tar & feather anyone who speaks ill of True Blood, but I just had to tell the truth. There have been fantastic episodes, there have been good episodes...unfortunately, this was neither. I think Alan Ball needs to stick to executive producing and just depositing his multiple paychecks.
BHTRIE01, I agree...I also got the sense that she was more childish & immature, than powerful, knowledgeable, and complex, which is what you'd expect a queen to be...she wasn't even interesting.
Maria88, I'm thinking they shouldn't have hyped up the queen so much if they knew she wasn't going to be strong...somebody in TPTB (the powers that be) had to have known it. They shouldn't have mentioned Alan Ball was writing this epi either, but I'm guessing that few people would want to challenge him on his writing style...I just had a thought: I hope they're not going to force that queen down our throats next season, like they did with Maryann...oh no :O
Guardianofhell, I'm with you: I don't have time for boring...I'll remember the good times, but True Blood will get cut out of regular rotation if this is what the show is going to be like. I may watch decent shows every now and then, if I don't have anything better to do, just to see if they've gotten any better.
One of my problems with True Blood is that, sometimes, it seems there are too many filler scenes/dialogue...and even epis. If an hour time slot is too long to fill with substantive material, maybe they should just condense the crap out and go to a half-hour time slot.Quality over quantity...I'm definitely hoping they'll get it together, but if not, they're going to lose the portion of their viewing audience that knows what good is...and what it isn't.

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Sep 1, 2009 7:56PM EDT

I agree...I am OD'ing on Maryann and need her to be killed...Stat! Speaking of Dallas, I wonder what happened to the other telepath she met there? I forget his name...
I hope the show's producers/writers/directors have looked at the strengths and weaknesses of this season, so they'll know what to improve on in the writing for next season. If they have, they'll know not to overload us with the queen next season. I think that was part of the problem w/the Maryann s/l...there was just too much of her. Sometimes less is more...she was interesting to watch, in small doses, while there was still some mystique about her (in the queen's case, they definitely need to have her tweak her portrayal, or even the best writing/editing in the world won't make her interesting).
Another thing about the Maryann s/l is that, at one point, I thought they were going to have Tara & Eggs do some digging into his past, to learn more about him & how he became associated w/Maryann. If the writers had put a little thought to it, I think they could have come up w/something interesting, and probably would have bought some time (maybe an episode or two) with the buildup to Maryann's reveal. I think they got to the punchline to quickly.

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Sep 2, 2009 12:53AM EDT

I completely agree with this review
This episode was probably the most anticlimactic true blood episode EVER! They have been building up for these final fights for wayyy tooo long that it has become predictable. I like how you found out what she is after, but other then that nothing happened. they could have covered all this in shorter time in a different episode.
the season finale better kick some ass to make up for this poo

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Sep 2, 2009 4:17PM EDT

Yeah Londyn, that finale better deliver what they've been promising...they'll definitely need a spectacular show to make up for this one. Speaking of poo, I just realized that I had forgotten to mention that egg, we saw at the end of this epi, in the review...I just added a lil' about it to the "Crazy" section w/my "egg theory." If it's true, I wonder if Maryann will be the gift that keeps on giving...oh NO!!! :O

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Sep 2, 2009 10:11PM EDT

wow. I am so disappointed by the queen. What horrible acting. She is just sooooo boring!! The queen is supposed to be a french aristocrat from hundreds of years ago, but instead she comes off like a California valley girl who took a few acting classes at her local highschool. I am really disappointed by this casting decision. She was obviously chosen for her looks and her relative fame.
But here's the thing: true blood is a hugely popular show, so why do they need to cast a B-list celebrity? And as for being beautiful, there must be 1000 actresses out there just as beautiful! I really love this show for the UNIQUE characters (anna paquin for instance, who is not a great beauty, but is a very interesting and entertaining actress to watch) and strong talent.
But what makes me the most unhappy is that Anna-Sophie is supposed to be a big part of season 3....guess it's going to be a sucky 3rd season...

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Sep 3, 2009 3:39PM EDT

Like, totally! I was thinking the same thing about her acting, and wondered how it is that no one in the decision-making dept. realized this, as well, and if they did, why they didn't DO anything about it, like recast the part, or at the very least, give her an acting coach to steer her along. If she were a seasoned, established actress, I could understand trusting her experience, and giving her free reign in her portrayal of the character, but she is not any of those things and if they don't follow any of the above suggestions, they have royally screwed themselves. (*Btw, I think that the character being a century-old, French aristocrat, makes sense, and would have been TONS, more interesting than the dumbed-down persona they allowed in this portrayal.)
I agree, they didn't need to do the whole gimmicky-casting thing...maybe HBO put some pressure on them or something...Idk, it just seems like this casting decision was the result of some manipulation from somewhere/someone, b/c I just can't believe, with all the on-point casting the show has done to this point, that they just "dropped the ball" in the casting for such a significant character.
Oh just confirmed my worse fears about the show! Oh well...I'll probably watch the first few eps next season, and if I don't see any progression/improvement being made...well, I won't say anything now, I'll just park here in "wait and see" mode...

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Sep 5, 2009 12:23PM EDT

Out of all the young actresses they had to go for this one - no doubt on the back of The Wrestler (which I haven't seen) and she just didn't carry it off. Even sucking on a thigh didn't look remotely sexy/evil or even interesting.
Oh well, it could have been worse. Could have been La Lohan.....Hollabelle, agree with you completely.

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Sep 6, 2009 7:16AM EDT

While I agree that his episode wasn't the best of the season I think it was the fact that it didn't really further the plot in any way rather than the actual writting. It was just that nothing happened. Bill got some info from the queen, everyone came under Maryanne's spell AGAIN, Sookie sits around waiting for Bill AGAIN, and Jason and Andy sit with guns and do nothing. I felt it was more of a 'lets just put this episode in to satisfy everyone until the finale' kind of episode.
"teacup humans" come on. best line of the whole show. Thank you Alan Ball. Keep Eric in his funny, sexy, creepy, scary mood and I won't stop watching even if we have to endure Maryanne for another season.
That being said I also didn't mind the queen to much. While she was VERY different to what I expected I am glad they have made her a bit more .... non-vampirish. It draws a good contrast to all the other vampires in the show. I think a lot of people are disappointed because they were expecting something like Pam/Bill's Maker.
Who knows, maybe the inner queen bitch will come out next season. She did say "I can't wait to meet Sookie" now what would she want with Sookie.....

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Sep 6, 2009 7:22AM EDT

i actually take back what i wrote about being able to watch maryanne for another season
even Eric's smile cannot make me go through anymore of her
it's like relentless acid rain, something different, but after a while it's just f***ing annoying!
honestly, i am mostly looking forward to this final episode purely to watch her leave the show once and for all.

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Sep 6, 2009 10:16AM EDT

is any 1 else really interested to find out the whole story to do with Eggs and that place he went with Tara to(when they saw the blood on the rock) ? i hope they dont leave out that plot line specially why he got involved with maryanne

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Sep 7, 2009 3:44PM EDT

LaLohan...LOL Fudgefase...
I agree, whiteca, that this was definitely a filler epi, and Eric (w/his humor & his sexy self) was one of the few things I liked about it...also, great comparison of Maryann's non-stop presence on the show to relentless acid rain...Perfect!
Abs93, I am definitely interested in that...I was mentioning that a little further up, about how I thought we were going to learn more about Eggs and how he got hooked up w/the witch...I agree, I hope they don't just drop that and kill him off/send him away from Bon Temps, without us, at least, finding out that bit o' history. Maybe they'll bring him back next season...I don't know, though, since he's supposed to be in another show...

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Sep 7, 2009 3:59PM EDT

P.S. Whiteca, I also meant to say that I think Sookie could beat that queen's a** ...she's got more bite and fight in her, even without the, she's got the power! : )

Sep 7, 2009 5:06PM EDT


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Sep 10, 2009 3:30AM EDT

Hey Starry118, you should go right ahead and read all the books...don't worry about it spoilling the series for you because Alan Ball deviates away from it enough that its 'based on' the book but don't follow it 100%. Man, I couldn't stop laughing when I read book 2 because it was so well written and Eric has a great role towards the end of the book. From the looks of this last ep, it's err...not even close to the ending in the book. I thought they WERE doing a good job making up a seperate storyline but compared to ep10 (which I thought was GREAT!), Frenzy was like a bucket of cold water. Don't fix it if it's not broken damnit!!! Follow the book, it's a bestseller for gwad's sake.
Sophie-Anne has a HUGE part in the book 4 I think, so we might be safe from more of her acting if they go in order. Hopefully by then she'll be replaced because she's suppose to be cool, worldly, and has a demanding/powerful presence...ERW kinda killed the Queen for me, she talked too much and you're right...she's more valleygirl than regal.
Sooo looking forward to more Eric and Sookie development, hahaha I could live with more nude scense of Alex. You guys should youtube his interview, hahahaha interviewer asked him what his viewpoints were on'll love his response.

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Sep 10, 2009 8:08PM EDT

LOL...Amen SheaMia...kill it...kill it dead! : D
Ok, icestorm99, you've convinced me : ) I think I'll go ahead and start on the books since you say the show's deviation is great enough to keep it interesting. I suppose that once you've read, it's interesting to see how/if they work certain elements and characters into the show.
Ok, I just watched the vid and I have to say: I love him <3 He should give ERW some of that advice about acting that he talked about in the beginning...she could definitely benefit from that. Speaking of them, I hope that isn't true about their being a couple for real. I mean, I know her portrayal of the queen probably doesn't indicate what type of person she is, but honestly, he does such a good job at acting, and she (in this portrayal at least) has done such a poor one, that it makes me wonder if they might be mismatched in other ways as well...
I'd rather he got with Jessica b/c, even though she had a boyfriend w/her at the time, she seemed to really be into Alexander at Comic Con...maybe she was acting, but if so, she had the body language, eyes and everything would have never known she had a boyfriend as high as she had the flirtation turned up.

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Sep 10, 2009 8:27PM EDT

Oh, and did I say that vid made me luv him even more? I was grinning from ear to ear when he was talkin about bein' naked : D

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Sep 14, 2009 6:13PM EDT

Hahaha glad I convinced you Starry118, now lets see if CH will pay me royalities for promoting her books! =) You'll get to learn more about Eric's flying thing and vampire powers too, it's kinda cool. You liked the interview, eh (Yes I'm Canadian)? His eyebrow raises whenever he makes a funny remark, it's kinda endearing.
BTW, did you know he was in Zoolander? He was one of the ridiculously good looking male models that died in the freak gasoline accident. I had no who knew youtube was so awsome?

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