Alright, enough is enough...

Ok, I was trying to be objective about them bringing on someone for Carter, in light of Allison's pregnancy, but you know what? I'm off that kick...screw it, I just want Carter & Allison together. He can help her raise the baby. It happens in life, why not in Eureka where anything is possible? Carter & Allison should be together, and I believe the creative minds behind Eureka can continue to come up with interesting dialogue and situations for them.

I must say, it was pretty smooth how the writers tried to get us to sympathize with Tess's character by having her almost drown from synthetic water that reacted with radiation-exposed isotopes (: P), and I will admit, I did feel somewhat sorry for her (I have a heart), but I am not on board with this relationship. I also don't appreciate that Allison has had even less to say since they brought Tess on the show. If they're going to bring new characters on the show, fine, but the core characters should still be the most prominent on the show, since they're the ones people have been coming back to see for three seasons. I was hoping they would have Tess become preoccupied with this epi's guest character, Dr.Bruce Manlius, and leave Carter alone, but alas, no...

Seriously, I enjoy all the core characters on this show (as well as the others like S.A.R.A.H., Vincent, and Larry) and think they're a great ensemble cast. I've looked forward to the show each week for that kooky, ingenious, and lovable group...but to be honest, Carter and Allison's interaction is one of my favorite things about the show, and I've always wanted it to include a little more of them. From viewer postings on various Eureka boards, I gather there are a good number of other fans who feel the same. I hope they wrap this "distraction" for Carter quickly and get back to what many viewers really want to see in the show's romance department, which is CARTER & ALLISON...TOGETHER.



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Aug 22, 2009 8:37PM EDT

it's the same ol' story... you can't bring two main characters together too soon, you have to play with the viewers to keep their attention. and when (or if) you do it then finally, they need to be separated quite quickly in some way, so the story don't get boring...sadly, this game takes place in almost every show...

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Aug 23, 2009 12:03AM EDT

Yeah Lilu81, I know what you mean & I just posted something on that last week (that was me being objective). The fangirl side of me is overpowering the objective side now, though, and wants to see Jallison love pronto : )
I just don't know if I can take this Carter/Tess thinking, now, is that if they can have him with someone else, they can have him with Allison. How would they keep any relationship on the show interesting? They just have to keep the witty banter going between them and keep the romantic side separate. They don't have to be all huggy-kisssy-sweetheart all the time, they can still be professional at GD and keep the cat and mouse thing going. They would probably have to ration out the affection/romantic scenes...I can't believe I just said that :O
Keeping things interesting will require the writers to keep coming up with good dialogue and the actors to continue being coy with one another. They can keep the spice in Carter & Allison's relationship the same way people keep the spice in their real-life relationships...within bounds, of course, since this is somewhat of a family show ; )

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Aug 23, 2009 12:55AM EDT

I used to love the whole Allison/carter thing (Jallison lol) but I dont know anymore It just seems like Allison has always taken Carter for granted that she was always going to be there, but then again Carter has always taken Allison for granted by not telling her how he feels until the wedding episode when Carter was living days over again and over again {i distinctly remember Carter telling her how he felt and then she responded I cant believe you waited to tell me this on my wedding day thats not fair, or something to that effect....but the day repeated :O :( }. On top of that you can tell that both Carter and Allison still have feelings for each other (ie Allison is hesitant to give her blessing to Tess when she wants to talk to Carter and Carter doesnt want to talk about what is going on between him and Tess in front of Allison)
Unless they do something quick Jallison will die cause im losing that feeling of chemistry I felt between the two of them early on in the series,unfortunately :(
The same goes with the over all plot; either bring back the artifact or the badies that Dr. Beverly was working for because all the episodes without any major antagonists for our protagonists is starting to become absolutely boring and repetitive.

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Aug 23, 2009 4:06PM EDT

Like so many shows, main characters can't get together because then they'd reach an endpoint. It wouldn't be possible to keep it interesting anymore. In the future episode where Carter and Allison are together, their relationship is quite interesting, but would it really be possible to fill a whole season with it?
I find the Tess relationship rather boring, but i'm guessing it won't last very long. Either she's gonna die in some horrible way so they can give Carter some Henry-like trauma...which would be rather lame. Or maybe Tess is gonna turn out to be some kind of spy, like beverly in the past...Which would also bring a nice shock to Carter.On the other hand the writers could also have thought up Tess as a sorts of female Nathan Stark.What made the Alison/Carter romance so interesting was Nathan stark as Carters competition. Since he died i found the whole Alison/Carter deal quite boring. Maybe this time around Tess will turn out as Alisons competition? I doubt that would really work though. (for some reason male rivalry can be interesting en funny for a long series of episodes, but female rivalry tends to end up in somekind of catfight...which can be interesting, but doesn't score well on longevity :P)

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Aug 23, 2009 8:08PM EDT

thetravellerjohn21, I see what you mean about the chemistry, and that is one reason I got so worked up about them getting together soon, or at least making a deep connection, b/c I miss it. Like you said, it's obvious they still have feelings for one another, and I think the chemistry is still there, it's just that they haven't been in many scenes together in 3.5 where they've really gotten to talk or connect on a romantic level...I think that's b/c of the whole "she's pregnant with Stark's baby, so we'll focus on the friendship for now" thing. Also, I don't know if the writers cut back on their bonding moments b/c they were trying to make this Tess thing work...if so, I hope they'll get a clue.
(* Btw, I just found out about Carter & Allison's couple name "Jallison" on Friday when I came across some vids of them on Youtube. I laughed too when I saw it : )
I agree that they need to do something about the plot. I've also been wondering about Dr. Beverly and the Consortium since season 3 started and they didn't return. I always thought that s/l was interesting and wondered why they did away with it. Even if Dr. Beverly leaves, they could still bring in various people who seem to be good, but are in reality, working with the Consortium to destroy GD & Eureka. I hope the writers have thought of this and are writing future episodes along these lines.
Griphus, I definitely agree with you that the Tess relationship is boring & for the most part, she gets on my nerves, so I'm not looking forward to seeing them together for any amount of time. I know she and Allison are supposed to be friends/roomates from college, but I've never gotten much of a friendship vibe from them, even before Allison knew about their date. I was wondering just how they'll get rid of her, also, and if she's going to turn out to be a bad guy...maybe that'll be a way they can reintroduce the Consortium or something.
Again, I think the writers have pulled back from the Carter/Allison bonding scenes b/c of the whole pregnancy thing, but I'm hoping things will change before the season ends. I agree that the appeal of a rivalry/catfight b/w Allison/Tess would be short-lived, and then it would just be annoying. Actually, I think I was more interested in an ongoing rivalry b/w Allison and Dr. Barlowe...perhaps b/c I liked her character more, and thought it was more interesting, than Tess.

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Aug 25, 2009 3:22AM EDT

As so many others have said its the same ol' story from the writers of Eureka, and you see the same story line in many TV Shows, bones for example.
I dont know if anyone else mentioned it (I only quickly read through) but they actually played the couple card on the episode when henrys girl died, the whole, alternate reality situation. Which was quite nice, but as Lilu81 mentioned, they wont keep the two main characters together for long. And they didnt, they were split again before even half way through the episode, which sucked, yet was a good play by the writers. As having them together (though u want them too) will bore the hell out of me.

Aug 25, 2009 2:00PM EDT

what, am i the only Stark fan? i mean he ain't dead officially (he just vanished into thin air...) and Alison did rekindle the whole marriage thing with him before he 'left', even if he never did make it to the alter. true enough i never saw Alison and he ever clicking, but i loved his little rivalry with Carter. i always wanted to see Stark pursue another woman though, so if he does come back, and Carter has rendered Alison 'unavailable' at that point, that could also be vary interesting. although i will admit, it would be pretty funny if Carter and Alison had only just barely got their act together and then BAM Stark comes back 'from the dead.' or hey, what if Stark comes back and it turns out Tess always had a crush on him (her and Alison do go way back). besides, and i think this might just be me, but it seems like im more interested in the relationships of the support characters (Jo, Zoe, Fargo, etc.) then what ever Carter is up to with his love life. incidentally, anyone remember the name of Fargo's girlfriend (the Jo impersonator)?

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Aug 25, 2009 4:39PM EDT

contrary to popular opinion... i actually like the carter/tess relationship. i agree with above comments about allison taking advantage of carter and in the future yea maybe i would like to see allison and carter get together, but as for the present i think tess brings a new sort of spunk to the show and adds a lot to the show. i think that the tess and carter are cute and wouldnt mind seeing tess becomming a regular.

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Aug 26, 2009 9:46PM EDT

NGrady666, I enjoyed the whole back and forth b/w Carter & Stark and think they will eventually bring him back to the show. When would be the best time for him to return? Probably when Carter & Allison get it together, just as you said...that would really shake things up.
I agree, I never really saw the chemistry b/w Stark & Allison, so if they do bring him back, hooking him up w/Tess might be would Allison feel about her ex-husband getting w/her 'old friend' and how would Carter feel about his ex-girlfriend w/his rival? Maybe they could have a couples' rivalry or something, Lol.
I really think they should explore that 'student crush' she had on Billy Campbell's character...that little s/l seemed kind of interesting and I was hoping to see more interaction b/w them, and perhaps, get more back story. Maybe they could have a spin-off...I'd be so happy if they spun her right off the show...

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Aug 26, 2009 9:55PM EDT

...Julia Golden was the character who I'm still hoping they bring back for Fargo

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Sep 1, 2009 8:00PM EDT

Seriously? I don't like Allison that much... especially not w/Carter. I'm sick of the whole "us/we" thing they keep doing when it's obvious they're not right for each other.
Also, I like Tess better -- her and Carter's spirits just seem to match better.

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Sep 4, 2009 7:02PM EDT

Really? Hmm...we'll just have to agree to disagree on all of that : )

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Sep 5, 2009 5:15AM EDT

starry 118 I have had enough of the will they wont they so i believe carter should move on with his life allison choose stark over him she dosen't feel the same way he does for her Carter must continue his relationship with tess not only for his own self respect but also for his sanity the love triangle is a very popular plot device just look at the lost love rectangleI would like to take you back to the divergent timeline episode at the end of season 1 where we saw a future which turned out to be unattainable henry has been tortured romantically like carter because leading men get tormented on tv

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Sep 5, 2009 1:53PM EDT

Okay, this response turned out to be more than what I had originally intended :O, but here goes : )
I can understand where you're coming from totvornottotv...I think they had to move forward, somehow, and given the fact that she was pregnant in real life, had to work that into the s/l w/o rushing the relationship b/w Carter & Allison.
The thing about Carter is that he didn't come out and verbalize his feelings for Allison until she was in the wedding tent, whereas, Stark did. In the episode where S.A.R.A.H. was holding the group hostage, Allison told Carter that what he did meant a lot to her (indicating that he meant a lot to her) and that what people liked about him was that he always did what was right. Carter proclaimed he didn't want other people's admiration, but when Allison asked what he wanted, he said he didn't think he was ready to verbalize that just yet. When Carter came back from the alternate timeline, he had the intention of making more purposeful moves towards deepening the relationship b/w him and Allison, but Henry zapped his brain w/that mind-wiping device, and since he didn't remember anything from the alternate reality (including his marriage, and baby, with Allison), he went back to not verbalizing his feelings again. I don't think this means the reality is unattainable, it's just that the writers want to stretch things out. (And I don't necessarily want Carter & Allison to get married anytime soon...I think that's an end of the series situation. I just want them to be a couple...I want Jallison : )
I believe Allison remarried Stark, b/c she went back to the familiar, which is what many people do, rather than stepping out and choosing what/who may be best for them. Based on the writing, the reason their marriage dissolved, was that Stark was more committed to his work than he was to her, and moved away for his they still had feelings for one another that were unresolved, although she went through w/the divorce out of anger (she did this b/c Stark, initially, acted indifferent to the break-down of their marriage).
My thing is, the connection b/w Stark & Allison never really translated on-screen...Ed Quinn & Salli Richardson, both, have striking good-looks, but I never really sensed any chemistry b/w them. When the show began, I got the sense that she was all about business (committed to her job and caring for her son) with, perhaps, a little bit of a chip on her shoulder (I suppose due to the separation)...then handsome, charming, funny, and single Carter comes to town, and he broke her down. They've always had chemistry, and in real life, probably, would have been together by now, but I believe her choosing to remarry Nathan was a decision the show's writers made to prolong the culmination of the relationship (b/c of the feared "Moonlighting syndrome").
I am, definitely familiar with the use, and purpose, of "the love triangle" as a plot device...Carter, Allison, and Stark had one going for a while (I enjoyed the rivalry and back & forth b/w Nathan & Carter, b/c it was always humorous). Currently, one of my fave triangles is b/w Bill-Sookie-Eric on "True Blood." I suppose what makes a triangle work, is that you find the members of the triangle interesting, and/or you like them for one reason or another. That is the issue I have with the Carter/Tess pairing, and subsequent, Allison-Carter-Tess triangle: Tess is just not as likable a character as the rest of Eurekans, neither is she very interesting. If they had brought back the dry-cleaner lady for Carter, or someone similar, I probably would have been on board with that triangle, b/c when she was up there, I could sense their chemistry, and thought she was warm & personable, like Carter. They have written Tess to have a, sort of, clumsy sense of humor, which is supposed to be similar to Carter's, but honestly, I'm not buying the whole thing. It just seems forced, and not at all, organic...and I don't like it when she makes fun of Carter ; |

Default avatar cat
Sep 5, 2009 1:55PM EDT

Anyways, if they do decide to continue w/the Carter/Tess relationship, I think bringing on someone for Allison would be a good idea...that way they can utilize a "love quadrangle" to infuse tension, drama, and comedy into the romance on the show. I'm thinking the guy should have a sense of humor...maybe they can bring on a guy that Carter knows and is friends with...that would compound Carter's conflicted feelings, and could be another means of stretching out the Carter/Allison romantic timeline, as Carter would probably not want to encroach on his best bud's relationship...or perhaps, of speeding it up, b/c maybe jealousy would move Carter to just say: "Look, Allison, this isn't working...we've been doing this dance for awhile...let's get in step and see where it takes us"...or something like that, LOL : D
That is all... : )

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Sep 5, 2009 7:34PM EDT

For me it could go either way. It looks like there is some potential for chemistry in both Jallison & Jess (jack&tess). I really liked the episode when they did all the flashbacks and you saw the episode with Allison got stuck to Jack on the fence and he begged her to "stop moving" and then she said "im trying to hit the off-switch" or something like that then she is said "oh wow! ok" lol
Whenever I see Allison I think of a couple of movies she did back in the day "A lowdown dirty shame" and "Posse" in which she was absolutely beautiful in.
Im just sad we didnt have an episode this week. Hopeful next week Taggert will actually have an interesting role and isnt just "there" so to speak. This season is almost done and hopeful they decide where it is going and dont have such huge gaps for the next one :(
BTW Starry I think you love for team Jallison is too cute ;P

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Sep 5, 2009 10:28PM EDT

I love Tess. She is much more light hearted and fun. She matches Carter better then the " I take thee for granted" Allison. I hope Tess stays around for a long time. Let Allison eat her heart out for awhile then bring back Stark for some seriously confused feelings for all those involved!!!!

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Sep 6, 2009 12:19AM EDT

Lol, I loved that scene, too, with Carter & Allison on the fence, Traveller...I always laugh at that part, and also when Jo walks up, and with a smirk on her face, tells them that she cut the power to the fence off awhile ago, lol...
Yep, those are the two films I always think of, also, when I see her. I didn't see her in anything for a long while after that...but I'm glad she's back and getting steady work.
I've been looking forward to Taggart's return all season, and I'm with you, I hope his part in the epi is significant and they give him some good lines...I enjoyed watching him in past seasons. I hope he's back in Eureka to stay. Since they don't start shooting for the new season until next summer, I'm hoping that will be plenty of time for them to determine the direction their going in and work out the kinks in the writing from 3.5... I love this show, and I'm definitely rooting for them to bring back the stellar epis next season.
Christybrooke, I think Stark's return would definitely shake things another posting, I was in agreement with someone else that it will probably be once Carter & Allison get together. Whenever he shows up, my face would look like :O would definitely be a pleasant surprise and I hope he would still have some words for Carter, lol...
As the head of GD, Allison usually plays "straightman" to the rest of the wackiness that goes on there, and in Eureka, and that's good b/c there has to be a balance...however, I am hoping the writers let her loosen up a little bit...she's had a lot to deal with and I'm thinking that taking time off with the baby will give her a chance to regroup and get a new perspective on things. Regarding the Tess pairing, I guess there is some chemistry, but I prefer to call it Tack-y... ; P
Yeah Traveller...I'm Team Jallison all the way! : D

Default avatar cat
Sep 6, 2009 10:52AM EDT

The one bad thing is that they are taking Allison out of the equation for "six weeks maturity leave". So whether your for team Allison or Jess that is probably going stave on alot of the awkwardness between the three of them how ever long six weeks is in the show. And that definitely mean Tess is going to be there for a while.

Default avatar cat
Sep 7, 2009 3:20PM EDT

That's true...before the last epi aired, I was trying to find out when the season was ending, b/c I saw something posted here, and another site, indicating that was the last epi.
So that's when I saw the remaining two epis listed with their short descriptions. Tess was prominently featured in both, so I figured it would be due to Allison's time off from the birth...the description for the last epi said something about Tess being presented with a great opportunity to work in Australia, or something. Based on what I've read about how Jaime Paglia wanted Jamie Ray Newman all for Eureka instead of splitting time with the new "Eastwick," I'm guessing she may be around for awhile. Oh well...if so, I just ask that they bring on an interesting male love interest for Allison to kick the love quadrangle into gear!

Default avatar cat
Sep 8, 2009 8:02AM EDT

hey guys its good you wright about this. When you wrote so long abt smthing then obious there is mistakes so its my advice to you please write summary what it should be correct and appropriateregardsshahid

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Sep 10, 2009 8:27AM EDT

What about the Allison or Jess?

Sep 11, 2009 8:40PM EDT

Agreed! The only reason I watch the show is for the Carter/Allison relationship. I am about ready to give up if they don't give me something this season.
Jamie Ray Newman (Tess) is currently starring in two shows and it is showing in her acting which is mechanical and taxed. It makes it hard to even see this relationship as possible. And it is not because I want Allison and Carter together. I LOVED Ed Quinn as Nathan Stark. He was fantastic and he made the dynamic. The Tess character is like an annoying gnat.

Default avatar cat
Sep 11, 2009 9:36PM EDT

Amen, Heatheranne, amen! I would trade Tess for Nathan Stark any day. It would be great if, somehow, she could get trapped in a machine that could drain her life force and use that energy to bring Nathan back,'s Eureka so anything could happen...I can dream anyway, though, eh?
With Allison being on maternity leave from GD, and Tess acting as the interim head, I think that means we'll see a whole lot more of her in the last two epis, and that may be more than I can take...I hope she doesn't annoy me too much, though, or I may just check out of this season early and watch the reruns until the show returns (hopefully, as the Eureka I was in love with prior to season 3.5 : P).

Default avatar cat
Sep 12, 2009 12:48PM EDT I watched the show and made it through w/o hurling LOL...nah, it was good, although there a few stomach-unsettling moments Lol :D

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 12:41PM EDT

I like Tess with Carter. I really think that Allison takes Carter for granted. I don't really like the idea of Allison pairing up with Carter. I think Tess and Carter would make a better pairing.

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Sep 19, 2009 12:22AM EDT

starry 118 well it appears the writers have bent to your will they are taking out two useful characters next season removing zoe from the show will in my opinion be a disaster she allowed carter to do more than just stop the monster of the week by adding definition to his character I found the ending of this seasons finale predictable i knew before the phone rang in carters office it would be allison who would convince him to stay in eureka despite her ambivalence towards their relationship I thought tess should have remained in the show her character was under developed because unfortunately the writers believe the fans will not be able to take carter and allison without tension in their emotional relationshipFinally fargos partner returned without explanation she has appeared from nowhereOne interesting way to bring Tess back into the show would be for her to return in six months to tell carter she is pregnant it will allow jamie time to see if her new show eastwick is a hit if the show fails she can make a quick move back to eurekaThis show is starting to resemble greek with its inability to craft a satisfactory new developing storyline between the main characters whereas the office has in my view been able to successfully craft a way the two main love interests in the show can be together without losing the central dynamic of the show one more point enough nathan stark

Default avatar cat
Sep 20, 2009 5:39PM EDT

Well, that epi was blah...they were missing that definitely could have benefited from Taggart's energy. Fargo was funny, as usual, and lightened things up...I was glad to see his girlfriend, although I'm wondering why they sprung it on us and didn't develop it (at least over an epi) and why did they wait to bring her back in the last epi? I guess this was the set up for next season...I will admit, Zoe got on my nerves sometimes, but I don't think they should have gotten rid of her...I was actually beginning to like her, b/c her character was maturing some and not being snotty all the time. I agree: I liked the dynamic she and Carter added another layer to his character...oh well, maybe there will be a lot more going on next season that will require Carter's focus so having the daughter around would be distracting...I hope so anyway...all I know is that they'd better bring it next season, b/c this one was just marking time.
P.S. I didn't know it was going to be Allison, but was glad...the last 10-15 secs. of that epi were the best :D ...oh, and although I didn't really want Zoe to go, I sure am glad her non-acting boyfriend is outta there...he would fit in best on Degrassi or something...

Default avatar cat
Sep 20, 2009 5:51PM EDT

totvornottotv, I just saw The Office the other day and it cracked me up...I agree, it looks like they are bringing the funny back and making things interesting again, but honestly, I fell off from watching it about a season ago b/c it was boring and un-funny...I'm glad they got a little of the magic back...maybe shows just go through blah seasons...speaking of The Office, I wish its sister wannabe show would get it together. I watch Parks & Recreation b/c I like some of the characters and its got potential, but somehow, it keeps managing to fall flat...
Anyways, it's weird that I just got to watch Eureka two days late (b/c I've been writing papers all weekend) but I'm glad I didn't miss anything : P

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