Just Live Your Life (LH Season 4, Episode 6: "With You I Will Leave")

Wow, there was alot going on in this epi: Johnny comes back to hang with Lizzie; Cassie goes out hangin with Sage at the club; Tay hangs w/troubled teen/youth, Jarone; and Nate Ray's life hangs in the balance. There was definitely a healthy helping of drama in this epi, so let's dig in...

First Of All...

Why was Cassie taking any advice from Sage? True, she had a point about Charles being the one who lied in this situation, and she was only helping him out as a friend (although that line she gave Cassie about "maybe trying it sometime" was off-base, because Cassie has been the best friend Charles could ever have, so suck it Sage ; |), but let's not forget: Cassie has good reason to be wary of Sage, because she was workin' hard, a few seasons ago, to encourage the rift between Cassie & Charles. She tried her best to lie and manipulate both of them so she could have her way w/Charles, and would have been successful if she and Charles hadn't gotten in that car accident that left her comatose long enough for Charles to come to his senses. Be that as it may, I suppose all that was a while ago, and they can let bygones be bygones and be civil, but hanging out with Sage on (no matter what Sage called it) a double-date? I guess her English teacher's discussion on the wasted life of Miss Havisham, from Dickens' "Great Expectations," got Cassie thinking she needed to get out more and not sit around moping about the man who did her wrong. But still...Sage? What the heck? Now, I could see hanging out with her if it had been with some other girls, or just a group of folk from school, but I just didn't see the point of Cassie going out to a club with Sage & two guys she didn't know...for what? Ok, maybe it was so Cassie could see that she really does want to be with Charles, despite his imperfections. I guess that creep, Serge, showed Cassie the grass ain't greener on the other side, and Cassie showed him she ain't a punk...don't put Cassie in a corner, or you might end up curled up on the floor in a world of hurt.

More Drama with Jen & Dana: "Frenemies Forever"

The two frenemies were back at it again...of course, Jen instigated it all by making Dana's younger son, whom Eddie is mentoring, feel unwelcome at their home and discouraging Tay from being around him. From the time Jen found out about Dana being Eddie's high school sweetheart, she has had a chip on her shoulder. Although Eddie is fiercely devoted to her and the kids and he only sees Dana as a family friend- since her family helped raise him after his mother's death- she has still had an axe to grind with Dana and has consistently acted condescendingly towards her. To be fair, though, Jen did have a good point about Jarone because he has tended to stay in trouble/be in places he has no business, but he hasn't had a positive male role model in his life, or a stable home environment; hence, the need for Eddie & the Suttons' involvement. He's not a bad kid, just a misguided one. Even Jarone was aware he needs to be in a better place, because he wanted to go to the private school in the burbs, that he & moms can't afford. Jenn showed everyone how she really felt about Dana and her offspring, in this epi, in a way that even Tay had to call her out on.

So They Think They Can Dance

I forgot to mention that Lizzie and Andrew danced their butts off at the community center teen dance. Maybe that could be their schtick on the show...apart from volunteering together at the community center, they could become a dance team and compete in competitions...ok, maybe not. Anyways, after the dance, Andrew leaned down to kiss Lizzie, but she was still having visions of Johnny, so she pulled away and left the dance early. I'd like to know what song was playing as they slow-danced and when she ran out...it was nice, but I haven't been able to find it yet. (Oh, another thing: before the dance, Andrew showed Lizzie a pic of Marco, Gabriel and his mom in Mexico...Yay, they made it).

Sweet Dreams, Johhny

Ever since Johnny was taken so abruptly last season, I have wanted him to come back to Lincoln Heights. I guess Lizzie did too, because her subconscious summoned her boo from the Great Beyond. It started with a dream in which she had another opportunity to receive the flowerpot from Johnny, and this time, she didn't drop it. Her mother was right about the dream being an opportunity for her to relive that moment with a happier ending, but is it just me or was Jenn acting a little insensitive towards Lizzie about the situation? At breakfast, Lizzie asked everyone if they remembered when Johnnie gave her the flowerpot, and Jenn replied: "How could I forget...when you dropped it right in front of him...poor guy." Wow...way to go mom. Then after Lizzie told them the dream, Jenn called the interpretation "Dream Analysis 101" and gave her the obvious interpretation, which was true, but the matter-of-fact way in which she said it just seemed as though Jenn was rubbing it in. Jenn was definitely off in the first part of this epi- having to stick her foot in her mouth quite a bit.

Lizzie & Johnny had some fun in this epi, doing some of the things they never really had a chance to do when he was alive: they rode on a merry-go round, they kissed (I don't recall them ever kissing before he died...), and danced to their song at a high-school dance. I thought it was cute when they were on the merry-go-round calculating Lizzie's high school experience so far. Lizzie told Johnny about her first week, in which she made four friends, which became three friends and one enemy, which equated into one friend and three frenemies, which as Johnny pointed out, equaled the square root of high school sucks. Ah Johnny, I've missed you and your nerdy sense of humor...of course, Lizzie's realized subconsciously, that this experience was equivalent of her going in circles, because Johnny was gone. She was having the time of her life, and Johnny, the time of his after-life (there goes that Johnny humor again : ), but Lizzie knew it was time to move on. It was so cool to see him again, and I didn't want to see him go, but life must go on...thankfully, Johnny was cool about it, having a better perspective on all things life-related, so all is well. It was really good seein' you again Johnny... :** (

Bring On The Waterworks Why Don't You?

Nate Ray wrote the family from war, addressing each family member in their own personal little section of the letter. He wrote Lizzie about treasuring every moment of life, because it's precious and the future is unknown. As if seeing dearly-departed Johnny wasn't enough, we got another tear-jerking experience in finding out Nate's unit had been hit and several people were killed, and then experiencing the tense "waiting all-night for news of Nate" scenes w/the Suttons. I commend the writers and actors, because I really felt like I was on pins and needles waiting with them. It was beautiful to see how the family rallied together, and to see Jenn finally empathize with Dana and make peace. I loved that Cassie called Charles when the fam was in-waiting...Charles has always been there for Cassie when she needed him, so I'm glad she resorted to calling her "tried & true"- they really are best friends. In the end, I was so relieved that Nate is still alive, but I wonder how badly injured he is.

Money Answers Many Things

So the Suttons are in the money now. Being the good, upstanding folks that they are, though, Jenn & Eddie have decided to put the money in the bank and try to determine who left the money in the house. I wonder why it hasn't dawned on Eddie or Cassie that the money probably belongs to the Glass's who lived they before them - specifically, the girl who held Charles & Cassie hostage, in the house, when she was trying find the "treasure" her grandmother left her (see the epi "Glass House"). I guess that realization is coming up soon...Jenn & Eddie agreed to use a portion of the money, however, to send Jarone to the private school outside of the city, so he can be in a better environment and have a chance to develop into a man of character, just like his big bro Nate.

Moving On

So Lizzie bids Johnny a final goodbye, which gives her freedom to embrace this new phase of her life, and kissing Andrew, her new bf, was symbolic of that. Let Landy commence...

Jenn and Dana are on good terms, so Jenn gave her a job-upgrade at the clinic: from janitor to administrative assistant. Miracles do happen...

Cassie has forgiven Charles, accepting him flaws and all, so love still reigns supreme in Chassie-land... : )

So it's another "all's well that ends well" epi on Lincoln Heights...well, all except for the fact that we don't know the extent of Nate's injuries, and if he's going to make it...I guess we'll have to keep hope alive. Until next week LH fans...


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