Life, Love & The Pursuit of Family (LH Season 4, Episode 5: "Trash")

Silence Is Golden

Yup, the silent treatment worked like a charm with Miss Cassie. She was fixing her parents meals and practically begging them to talk to her. They definitely played their cards right: if they had railed on her about disobeying, she would have pulled the "I'm grown now" and silence gave her the opportunity to reflect on what she had done and to realize that if you want respect, you've got to give it.

Sherlock Sutton & Sidekick Malik

Over at the Revolution Coffee Shop, Tay & Malik discussed the "egregious" treatment Tay had been experiencing at home over that huge pool table he ordered. They spotted a "money op" in the form of a $500 reward (later increased to $600) for anyone who provided key information to catch the bandit. Figuring this would be the way to keep that pool table in the house, the two mapped out a plan to pinpoint who the masked man was.

They questioned Lizzie, since she was the only person who had really gotten a good look at him when he intervened in the "heroin bear attack" and got that drug-dealer away from her. Lizzie showed the young detectives the martial arts move the bandit used to flip the guy over, and Malik figured the culprit would show up at the Aikido class at the Center. Unfortunately, everyone in the class performed that move, but they were able to identify a key piece of information that actually would help them pinpoint their man. Back at home, as they watched a surveillance tape- Jenn had brought back from the clinic- showing the bandit dropping off goods, they smiled happily as they quickly identified the bandanna-clad burglar.

Lizzie & The Bandit

After her experience with drug-dealer, Pablo, and Ocito the Heroin Bear, Lizzie was shaken up and ready to give up on her work at the Center. She figured she hadn't gotten through to Gabriel, since they spoke different languages, and was disheartened because she felt she hadn't been able to help him adapt. Marco let her know that there are many ways to communicate with people, and that she had gotten through because he gave her his bear, and that really meant something- a bear stuffed with $50 grand of pure heroin, notwithstanding.

Lizzie had a change of heart and went to Marco's to let him know. There, she discovered her lil' buddy Gabriel and his mother, Anna, being housed by Marco so the drug-dealers wouldn't find them. Thankfully, they were able to get away, but not before Lizzie was chased by the drug-dealers again- barely escaping by slipping through a chained gate; Marco was given up by Tay & Malik because of the tattoo on his forearm; Andrew gave himself up as the bandit, wearing the same tattoo; Marco was released, and with Jake's help, was able to smuggle Gabriel and his mom out of his apartment in a big box.

Gabriel showed Lizzie she did make an impression on him, telling her "Te amo Lizzie" (so cute) and giving her a big hug. Lizzie was a little saddened that Marco was leaving, but he explained that Gabriel and Anna were like his family, since his own was taken away from him at a young age. Before riding off into the sunset in Jake's pickup truck, he left something for Lizzie to remember him by. As the truck faded from view, Lizzie reached in the package and pulled out...a bandanna! So my suspicions were confirmed (looking at the promo for this epi, I figured it was him, since he was the only new character introduced on the show with that body type : ). Andrew informed Lizzie that his tattoo was a press-on, and Marco had sworn him to secrecy...and now, she was too. With Marco gone, I suppose it's up to Lizzie & Andrew to "hold it down" at the Lizzie & Andrew are now on their way to bonding and becoming the next cute teen couple.


Charles's brother, Travis, was pretty cool. He hung out with Charles while he worked on the car; took him suit shopping; and put him at ease at the party their father was hosting, knowing Charles felt like a fish out of water. He was really laid back and easy-going...completely unpretentious, considering Daddy Dearest. I think it'd be cool if they brought him back as a recurring character on the show.

Heartbreak On Ice

Wow, Charles's dad really did turn out to be a jerk. He winced when Junior told Charles they'd buy him a suit to go to the party and then had the nerve to identify Charles as his nephew, to one of the party guests. He had built a picture-perfect life filled with prestige, politics, pretty house & family, and didn't want Charles soiling that image. After denying Charles, he told him they'd discuss it later, and giving him $50 and the keys to his luxury car, sent him to go pick up some ice for the party. Later, he basically let Charles know that he was too important to acknowledge him as his son; that he wrote that letter a long time ago; and that the relationship with his mom was a brief summer if that weren't enough, he proceeded to ask Charles if his mom was still hooking up with one-night stands. Thankfully, Charles cussed him out and told him he wished he'd never met him.

Suttons To The Rescue

Cassie sketched a drawing of Charles from the pic he & his brother sent her from his suit-fitting. She called to talk with her honey and found him distraught. Knowing Charles was in a vulnerable state, and unsure of what he would do, she pleaded with her dad to go help him. The road trip gave Cassie the opportunity to let her dad know how deeply she truly cared for Charles. When he saw them together, he realized it was true and remembered how it was to be young and in love.

I loved when Eddie stood up for Charles with his dad, and when he had the fatherly talk with him. Charles shared what he was going through and Eddie sympathized with him, letting him know that he had to learn to be strong, stand tall, and deal with difficult situations. Charles bit the bullet and told Eddie about the money, which helped him to see Charles in a different light...he really saw that Charles was a good kid that just needed guidance. Cassie didn't respond as pleasantly to Charles's confession- she felt he lied to her and she couldn't trust him, but thankfully, Dad was there to remind her of that deep love she had for Charles, and that love expresses itself through acceptance and forgiveness- just as he had done after her indiscretion.

So, all's well that ends well in this epi: Cassie & her dad are back on speaking terms; Charles & Eddie have a better relationship; Chassie made up; Marco rode off into the sunset; and socially-conscious teens, Lizzie & Andy, begin their road to couplehood. The End : ) Oh, wait a minute...I wonder what Cassie's going to say when she finds out Charles told Sage about the money? Maybe it won't even come up...yeah right. Stay tuned...see ya next week!


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