All's Well That Ends Well? (Season 4, Episode 3: "Aftershock")

That money looks good doesn't it? Oh, if only...sorry, got caught up there for a moment...on to the review : )

The Return of Bishop

Uh-oh...Bishop came back to take out the Suttons...he came, he lied, and he got conquered- all in one epi. Despite the scruffy beard, overgrown hair, dark shades and wheelchair, I knew it was Bishop when he showed up at the vets' support group (ok, not immediately, but while he was talking I figured it out...& yes, I saw the preview before reading that he was going to be in this epi : ) He does a good job changing his voice and his accent, though...when he was on the show, in season one, he had a Jamaican accent, but when Eddie discovered he was actually from the U.S., he quickly took on an American accent...this go-round, he really sounded like an older guy who had been through something. Interestingly enough, though, the actor who plays him (Raymond T. Williams) is British, so I'm even more impressed (I know actors switch accents all the time, but I really had no clue this guy was British until I read it). I enjoyed the fact that this epi had a little more action in it, and I'm glad that Eddie & Nate Ray took Bishop out, but I wish this had been allowed to unfold over several epis...just to stretch the dramatic tension out a little more (also, because Bishop was an interesting character and I would have liked to see a little more of him...I think it would have been interesting if Bishop had bonded w/Nate Ray more, so that he could play on his sympathy and sense of loyalty to another vet).

Brotherly Love

I'm glad that Tay realized the type of person Nate Ray is and accepted him as his big brother. He was really getting on my nerves, to this point, but I guess the situation was realistic: all his life, he's been his father's only son (as far as he knew), then out of the blue, this other son shows up, vying for his father's affection. I'm glad the brotherly love is flowing now...I almost had a tear in my eye during their poignant moment, after Nate announced he was reenlisting in the war. I can't believe he's leaving already...especially since the family situation just worked itself out. But again, that's how life is...I just hope he makes it back alive. I wonder if this storyline has been sped up b/c Chadwick Boseman (Nate Ray) had to shoot a new fall series (NBC's "Persons Unknown"). I hope that's not the writing on the wall, b/c I want him to stay on Lincoln Heights.

For Love or Money

Chassie was really playing the kissing game in this epi, and I loved it. : ) I'm glad that Charles finally gave the money back, b/c the fact that he had not was starting to get to me...sure, I've been concerned since Charles took the money in last season's finale, but this epi was the clincher. My concern grew to worry when he didn't seem bothered after Cassie shared her concerns with him about her parents' struggling to pay bills, and possibly, being in danger of losing the house...and especially, when he was sitting at dinner with the Suttons, and Jenn & Eddie talked about how they'd be pulling extra shifts since the FEMA check was delayed, indefinitely...and definitely when Nate said he'd be sending back money from the front lines to help out...Whew! I really didn't want to start disliking Charles, and I'm glad I didn't have to.

Do The Right Thing

For some reason, the end was touching, when Eddie discovered the money on the front porch...I guess b/c I was hoping it would be Charles doing the right thing, although he and his mom are struggling, and b/c the Suttons had been struggling, as well, and this windfall could change their lives. I guess Charles had to bring it back the way he did, b/c it probably would have been difficult getting the Suttons to understand why he held onto it that long. I understand he and his mom have been struggling for a long time, and all that money may have made things better for them...but then, his mom probably didn't need access to that much money...she's pretty deadbeat (staying with a guy who almost molested her son, and then kicking Charles out when he confronted her about it; leaving her son to fend for himself, all this time, while she's been in Hawaii; coming back and hooking up w/another potential low-life; and then, threatening to kick Charles out, again, b/c he's trying to do the right thing...) so, I think more money could have turned out to bring more problems for them. Charles may have realized that, and perhaps, this factored into his decision to return the money. I'm wondering, though, if the money rightfully belongs to the Suttons. True, it was found in the wall of their attic, but do they have the right to keep it, since we know it probably belongs to the former occupants, the Glasses? (For some background, see the first epi from season 3: "Glass House.") It will be interesting to see how this all plays out...

What's Gonna Happen?

So what does next week hold? Well, we know Nate Ray is shipping out, but what about the money? How will the family react to their, potentially, newfound fortune, and just what is Eddie going to decide to do with it? And this probably won't come up any time soon, but I wonder if Charles will ever tell Cassie the truth...


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