Umm...Have I Been Glamoured? Gee...Thanks Alan Ball... *UPDATED*

WOW...after watching this epi last night, I was speechless... I was debating about writing anything, but I've gathered my thoughts, so I'll say a few words...don't shoot me fellow fans, I'm just trying to work through all of this...

First of all...this used to be a well-written show, right? I mean, I'm not sure now...maybe I got caught up in the hype or something. After last night's finale, I find myself wondering if I've actually been glamoured, this whole time, by how different the show is, the exciting situations presented (those two things can be, mostly, attributed to the books, right?), and the quality of acting, so much, that I didn't actually see the quality and consistency of the writing for what it really was. Maybe I'm expecting too much...I will probably have to go back and watch previous epis to see now. Maybe the show should have just followed the books...I'll have to read them now to see what's what, but I'm assuming they're much better than what I saw last night...idk...I'm just tryin to understand 'yall...

Anti-climactic, anti-climactic , anti-climactic...

See, the bad thing about hyping up an epi so much, is that when it doesn't deliver, it's worse than if it had just been aired without all the preceding streamers & fireworks. Even after the steady decline of the show over the last few episodes (the last epi, in particular), I still retained some hope that the show would actually end on a good note...but I was let down again. The beginning was funny and somewhat engaging...I even laughed at Maryann a few times...but THEN, the Queen scene showed up and doused cold water on everything, and it was downhill from there. Eric even looked miserable in that scene (and, yes, I know he was supposed to be timid around her b/c of her supposed age, power, and prestige, etc., but even he seemed bored), and I couldn't help wondering if AS wasn't wincing inside, the entire time, due to her acting. I was giving ERW another chance to show her stuff this week- thinking that, perhaps, her last performance had been a fluke- but honestly, her acting is so bad that even the reveal, that the queen had Eric selling V, was not interesting (and it should have been). THEN they had the nerve to let that be all we see of Eric in the ENTIRE epi?! What the...?

Yet, even after that yawn-worthy interlude, I still had a glimmer of hope that the show would recover, and I'd regain the interest I had during the first several minutes...but alas, no...apart from the few moments I was pi**ed off when I thought they were going to kill off Sam, the show just, honestly, sucked. I was shocked to see Sam was the bull, but other than that, even the witch's death was anti-climactic. Oh, and then Eggs...while I wasn't surprised to see them kill him off, Sookie's trip inside his mind was as anti-climactic and unrevelatory as the one during Tara's exorcism. I mean, we ALREADY KNEW he had killed the fake voodoo lady & Daphne, and had just stabbed Sam, but what about where he & Maryann hooked up and what happened at that site w/the blood on the rock?* They could have given us more than that...and even Bill proposing to Sookie didn't move the needle any past "Blah"...maybe it's just me, but the fact that we heard so much about their real-life engagement kind of made this less interesting to well as the fact that the rest of the epi was just UGH, and also, the fact that (although Bill's nice) I'm more Team Eric & Sookie, now, so...they should have had Eric send her the pretty purple dress.

*Update: "Blood on the Rock" Mystery Solved

OK, so the blood on the rock was from the fake voodoo lady (thanks vickachkaa and thetravellerjohn21)...this fun-fact still renders the mind-trip anticlimactic, since there was nothing interesting or intriguing revealed...regarding Eggs' past: I guess that was explained away by his stating that he had done a lot of bad things in his past and had paid that debt/done his time, or whatever...but the whole thing was rushed, and could have been more interesting if the writers had really tried to make it so...

Other thoughts about this crap: And what about the soft-drink ads during the show? Could they BE anymore obvious? (Actually, the fact that they were shameless plugs was almost funny.) And, then, those two random ladies...why were they there? I guess it doesn't really matter since it was all mostly crap anyway, but still, I would have rather seen Eric (away from the queen) or some of the other series regulars talking. I will give props, of course, to Lafayette & Jason for the bits of comedy they provided (I miss funny Andy...the writers suck :( ), but no actor, and no jokes, could turn this sh*t into sunshine.

Well, I guess the good thing is that, while I will watch the show when it returns next season, I definitely won't be on pins and needles waiting for it, so I guess I should thank Mr. Ball for eliminating that discomfort: Gee...thanks Alan Ball... : P I hope this epi's title isn't the writing on the wall for the show's future, but if the writing is going to continue in this vein, then it's all tapped out (all puns intended), and I'll have to siphon my entertainment (yes, I actually said that :O ) from somewhere else. : (

This has been dedicated to Benedict "Eggs" Talley:

Goodbye, Eggs...I will miss you and your sexy self... : (


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RachelL Editor
Sep 14, 2009 4:37PM EDT

Haha...nice thoughts, starry...harsh words, but mostly true. I agree that the last 2 episodes of TB were among the weakest of the season. The buildup was just so good that they kind of got lost on how to bring it all together in the finale. Perhaps Alan Ball needs a lesson from Joss Whedon on how to resolve a season long plot-arc in a totally awesome way (Buffy season finales, anyone?).
Totally agree on the lack of Eric...and...yeah, just not buying/enjoying ERW's portrayal of the Queen. That kid playing Godric was so much more believable as a super-old vampire in comparison to ERW. In fact, the more that I think about it, I think Godric's suicide/death was the most shocking, powerful scene of the season. Perhaps they should have saved that for the finale....

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 4:56PM EDT

I agree with your comments, but what really pissed me off about the show was Sookie's behavior. We've definitely seen other episodes where's she's been pretty badass and taken charge of a situation, but last night her character was a bit pathetic. For example when Lafayette tells her to take her clothes off and she just does it, she really didn't put up much of a fight, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was trying to avoid him hurting her. Then it happened again when she and MaryAnn were alone and MaryAnn revealed the plan how Sookie was going to lure Sam there, and yet Sookie never bothered once to run (and correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't think there was much, if anything, MaryAnn really could to to harm Sookie, so why didn't she even try). Then this same passive Sookie showed her face again when she was told to lick the blood on the egg, why the hell would she do that? She was like "I won't do that" to which she was told she had to, and then she was like "well okay..."
What the heck was that about? I don't know maybe I missed this kind of personality flaw in her before, but now that I noticed it I have a much harder time liking her as a character.

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Sep 14, 2009 5:14PM EDT is harsh isn't it? Of course, these are my thoughts after my 1st post-hype run-through...I may find (a few?) more redeeming qualities about the epi when I watch it again...whenever that is...ITA, Rachel...Alan Ball definitely needs a tutorial from Joss fact, now you've got me wondering what his take on the books would have been...
Yep, I think the actor playing Godric was so much more interesting (and a better actor), also, and I agree that scene had such a dramatic impact, that they should have ended the season with that...I think they made the wrong call on which s/l to end with ('Maryann' or the 'War w/The Fellowship'). I'll admit: the Texas trip/Fellowship of The Sun s/l was a lil' boring at first, but just when it started getting good, they ended it...I thought they should have shown the growing divide b/w the vampires, with some choosing Godric's humane side, and the others rallying behind the old ways...I think that would have been an interesting place to start from next season, and it would be interesting to see which side Eric ended up on...(but then, maybe they'll resurrect Godrick next season, and all this will come into play...I hope so)
Succxubus, I forgot about that...Sookie's punk-out episodes bothered me you, I gave her a pass when she was dealing w/Lafayette since he had the black-eyes and she knows he's crazy anyway, but I expected some more fight when she was dealing w/Maryann...Sookie's "don't f*** w/me & mine" attitude is one of the main things I like about her...she should have had more bite when dealing w/Maryann...and her licking that's like they lobotomized her or something...

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 10:33PM EDT

"I mean, we ALREADY KNEW he had killed the fake voodoo lady and Daphne, and had just stabbed Sam, but what about where he & Maryann hooked up and what happened at that site w/the blood on the rock? They could have given us more than that..."
I thought that the thing with the blood on the rock WAS the same killing of the voodoo lady. They did let us know what happened at that site by showing us that it was them that killed the voodoo lady.... whatever her name was.
I agree with you that it was a bit anticlimactic although u were a bit harsher than me. I loved it regardless and i can't wait till next season

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 10:50PM EDT

Hey guys I have to disagree with you tho cause I think Sookie played the right card tho cause MaryAnn could have killed her really easily. Sookie does have some bad ass powers that probably could rival MaryAnn but the thing is she HAS NO IDEA how to use them. MaryAnn could have taken out the claws and ripped Sookie apart from the start. Dont forget not only does she has claws but they are poisonous.
The smartest thing was to wait cause she knew Bill was coming with information on how to kill MaryAnn and if anything making her move with Bill would have been the smartest and strongest offensive even if she did know how to use her powers. She purposely didnt tell MaryAnn what she was cause she saw that MaryAnn was fascinated by her and partly not knowing what Sookie was. It was this fascination that kept Sookie alive, Sookie saw that and played it for what it was worth. She is a smart girl and deserves more credit :P
Summing up everything else you said I was hoping ERW would bring something more to the table but alas she was horrible, Godric was the way better actor by far and I can understand why his character killed himself, being sick of the never-ending aspect of it all-killing and such, even tho Id never do it personally :P (i mean it is sort of giving up).The Bill and Sookie engagement was also boring as hell even the taking of Bill possibly by Eric is really no big whoop. I mean its not like he is going to really kill him. Fail. Overall the episodes haven't been that great and I think the first season was way better.
PS The area where Eggs saw the bloody rock with Tara is where he actually killed the exorcism woman. If you look at the flashback closely you will notice the surroundings :D
My real complaint with the episode is that they should have given us a revelation about what is going to happen next season that would have given it a better ending

Sep 15, 2009 6:03AM EDT

i agree with u completely, the ending didnt leave me wanting more at all. i will watch the next season, but only because i loved the books soo much and i am hoping that the show will somehow get back on track with the books as in the book on which this season is based on (the second book dead in dallas) mary ann isnt mentioned that much, she only had a smally part to play in the beggining and the end and most of the book is centered around the fellowship. i also prefer the book because we get to meet some new shifters that sam befriends later on and even some werewolves which i think adds to the whole supernatural thing about sookie, as ther r alot of supernatural things that havnt 'come out' like the vampires

Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2009 1:29PM EDT

Thanks vickachkaa and thetravellerjohn21...I've updated the commentary...
Traveller, I'm not sure Sookie realized Maryann was the beast until her claws came out (after Sookie destroyed her shrine), but although she was still aware, to some extent, of Maryann's evil power, that didn't stop her from saying whatever she wanted to Maryann in the past...nor did it stop her from fussing out/threatening Bill's maker, who could have finished her off in seconds...b/c that's just how Sookie is: she ain't no punk...
That is an interesting point, though, that perhaps she was just following along to pacify Maryanne until the reinforcements arrived. That didn't come across in AP's performance, however (she could have made use of facial expressions to indicate her disgust/contempt for Maryann, as well as, her feigned docility)...if so, this is a fluke, b/c for the most part, I think AP's a pretty good actress, and enjoy watching her.
Hayda, I wish they had followed the books, w/respect to Maryann's significance in the story, b/c I think they made the wrong call on was just overdone. I'm looking forward to reading the books, and I hope that they introduce other supernaturals on the show next season...that should make it more interesting...

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Sep 16, 2009 12:46AM EDT

There were a few good points made that I must agree with. The whole Sookie and Eric thing is going to be coming up fast if they stay even close to the books, so I think they threw away a great chance to use the Bill, Eric, Sookie building tension that I would think they are going to need next season....IDK it really isn't important yet who Sookie's hero is, but if the writers want to keep it even close to the book, Eric needs to be built up more or it won't work.OK so I'm not saying anymore about that because I don't want to ruin the story line. I must say that if you haven't read the books and you like Eric now.......OH MAN does he get better....! I can't waite. ;)

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Sep 17, 2009 1:42PM EDT

Thanks for not spilling the beans tstamper1971 :) Ok, you've really made me want to go to the bookstore now to get started on the books...It'll be worth it to me just to see how they could make me like Eric more than I already do : )

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Oct 18, 2009 3:18PM EDT

I agree with travellerjohn21 Maryanne almost killed Sookie. I thought the ending episode was fine. I found a lot of the fellowship of the sun stuff boring and Bill and Lorenas parts, I could have done without. I just started reading the books, I started on book 4.(Eric's amnesia) Poss spoiler Skipped the panth, next book, I'm now starting dead and gone.
You pretty much have to watch the show, for what it is. Tara and Lafeyette add so much to the show. Hoyt and Jessica's drama are not in the books. And all the extraneous stuff in the books, regarding other supes, boyfriends, etc. would not work on a one hour weekly show. I love the show, I think the writers should keep the show consistent with season 1.
Yes, I'd like to see her wind up with Eric, he's so cute compared to Bill

Default avatar cat
Oct 18, 2009 5:25PM EDT

I actually appreciate the show for what it...was? The thing is, they set the bar pretty high in season 1, and I agree with you, were not consistent in meeting that standard in season 2. There were too many filler epis and dialogue, especially in the latter part, and I don't understand why that was the case...with the books being as good as they are, it just seems there is more than enough interesting material to draw from. The show's still much better than that Vampire Diaries crap (which really doesn't take much), but not True Blood good.
There were several epis I really enjoyed in this season- two that immediately come to mind are the one with the "showdown in the sanctuary," and the one following, where Sookie has her first hot Eric dream and Godric dies...actually, that may have been the best one all season- the ending was very moving. I agree with you on the Bill & Lorena s/l, and that much of the fellowship of the sun s/l was boring...although, I think they cut that one short just when it was getting to be interesting. Anyways, it just seems the show unraveled in the latter part of the season. I hope Alan Ball recognizes this and improves upon season 2 mistakes in the upcoming season. Believe me, I definitely want him to b/c this has been one of my favorite shows on television.

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