I think I spoke too soon...

Last week, I applauded the show for the significant improvement in its writing, and was actually kind of psyched to see it this week. Unfortunately, though, it seems like the writing took a few steps back.

I guess they finally figured out a way to do the switcheroo: making the D.A.'s (well Michelle at least) look more humane & the PD's look like they were out of touch and would defend anybody (I'm thinking of Bobbi's comment about how she defended pedophiles, etc.). So the writers said "Hmm...how can we brighten up the D.A. image and smudge the PD's up a bit? Oh, here's something really bad: have a PD defending a PREGNANT, heroin-addicted prostitute and let the D.A.'s manipulate the system to do what's best for the unborn child. I must say, that was pretty bad...I guess the defense of pedophiles and other detestable characters were also options that they just opted to include in Bobbi's dialogue at the end for one last PD smear.

Although I did think the "abusive horse owner case" s/l was interesting, I still thought the writing (and some of the acting) for this epi was forced. Even Jerry & Bobbi's interaction seemed forced and unnatural...it was like the old magic they had (up until her crazy husband killed himself), that returned last week, was gone again. : (

I understood Jerry's point about the unconstitutionality of keeping a woman locked up, just b/c she was a pregnant drug addict, but I still felt no sympathy for the client when she was crying, begging & pleading (in just about every scene she was in) b/c she couldn't get out fast enough to go get her fix. Who cared about her getting out in time for a hit? Please...I will say that I did feel somewhat sorry for her at the end when she had her baby, and after seeing her for a brief moment, the child was taken away. Not to take away from the actress playing the heroin addict, but my sympathy was due, in large part, to Mark Paul-Gosselaar's acting- he did an excellent job of showing so much earnest conviction about the plight of this woman that I was actually moved a little. Truthfully, though, taking the child was probably best, since the woman was so overcome by her addiction, she was willing to sacrifice the health of her child. That being said, I still don't like the D.A.'s...their smugness grates on my nerves and I just can't stomach them...even Balco got on my nerves this episode.

I don't know how many episodes there are left in this season, but I hope this one was just a fluke and the quality of the writing shifts back from forced & contrived to being organic, promising, and worthy of my previous accolades.



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Aug 25, 2009 8:57PM EDT

Last night's ep was the season finale! Uh oh...way to end on a bad note, huh?

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Aug 25, 2009 10:41PM EDT

Whaat? Uh oh is right...they would have done better if they had just ended it with last week's epi. I'm seriously wondering about their chances of being renewed now, but then again, the show was renewed after last season with its blah writing so maybe they have hope.

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